Mast Mystery

With residents fighting phone masts in Uckfield and Dyke Road Avenue, Hove, readers might be interested to know about the serious health threats they pose.

Evidence of harm from masts continues to flood in. Mast Sanity ( http://www.mastsanity.org ) details 19 ill health clusters on its website among populations living up to 300 metres from phone masts, which "is intended to be illustrative rather than definitive".

A random example reads:

"West Midlands; 5 breast cancers, low white cell blood counts, nosebleeds, growths, rashes, immune problems, electrical hypersensitivity, hormone deficiency, numerous abnormal/precancerous smear tests, persistent viral infections, headaches, fatigue. Mast erected 1994. Many other symptoms/cases. Many residents say conditions improve when away from home for at least a week".

Cancer, leukaemia, brain tumours, strokes and many lesser conditions appear repeatedly in the list.

In 2003, Dutch Government Research showed that 3G masts could cause symptoms in people nearby, including nauseousness, headaches and dizziness.

Worryingly, the study was limited to several minutes exposure to radiation 30 times less powerful than some of our 3G masts may put out day when live.

Cell areas for 3G are much smaller than current 2G ones so masts have to be closer together.

In addition, operators seem to be targeting residential areas so masts will have to be close to homes. They are also trying to get 100% coverage across the UK.

I believe a real study into the effects of existing masts on the UK population would be shocking beyond description.

What 3G portends for the future doesn't bear thinking about.

Gary Kemp




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