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Europäische Kommission ruft zu Stellungnahme auf

Als Reaktion auf die wachsende Besorgnis der breiten Öffentlichkeit vor allem über die Strahlenexposition durch Handys und Sendemasten und die rasche Zunahme der Anwendungen neuer Technologien, die Radiofrequenzen benutzen, hat die Kommission den zuständigen wissenschaftlichen Ausschuss gebeten, die vorliegenden wissenschaftlichen Stellungnahmen zu den gesundheitliche Risiken im Zusammenhang mit der Exposition gegenüber elektromagnetischen Feldern im Lichte der neuen Erkenntnisse und Forschungen über die gesundheitlichen Folgen zu aktualisieren . Der Ausschuss für Toxikologie, Ökotoxikologie und Umwelt hat diese Stellungnahmen angenommen. Zusammen mit dem wissenschaftlichen Ausschuss neu auftretende und neu identifizierte Gesundheitsrisiken (SCENIHR) lädt die Kommission die interessierten Kreise ein, Bemerkungen zur gerade abgeschlossenen Stellungnahme des Ausschusses bzgl. möglicher Wirkungen elektromagnetischer Felder auf die menschliche Gesundheit einzureichen. Die Anhörung läuft bis zum 3. November 2006. Ihre Ergebnisse werden auf den SCENIHR-Webseiten veröffentlicht.


Aus: FGF-Infoline vom 28.09.2006

Der Forschungsgemeinschaft Funk e.V. (FGF), gehören alle deutschen Mobilfunkbetreiber an.


Riddle of 'frightening' breast cancer epidemic

I have just sent the following information to Fiona Macrae, Science Reporter for the Daily Mail also have your say about breast cancer, send comments into the Daily Mail.


Riddle of 'frightening' breast cancer epidemic
Breast cancer cases have hit

Full Story:

1 October 2006


Best wishes

Eileen O’Connor


Re: Daily Mail report on Breast Cancer
From: JCMPelican
Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2006 14:06:40 EDT An: Eileen(at)smokestackltd.co.uk

Eileen: Excellent!!! I typed a quick response suggesting "a focus" on the 100 men each year.......(who develop breast cancer in the UK -- or anywhere else for that matter). Since I also mentioned "Big Money fraud," it is possible my post won't make the review.

Women have been victims of the "female problem trash can" long enough, in my opinion. As you know, I am not saying "female hormonal changes" might not be part of the reason for developing cancer -- certainly, either female or male hormones definitely do play a big part in many health problems, BUT, to cite breast feeding or not, numbers of births, birth control pills and other strictly female-related subjects as being potentially causal, is a huge disservice and, in my opinion, a "delaying tactic" as well as a waste of funds.

If obesity, lack of exercise, or drinking alcohol were "primary causes" of breast cancer, I believe numbers for both men and women would be much higher and would be occurring at even more alarming rates considering current day lifestyles.

As many persons know, the toxic protein, Amyloid-B (Beta-amyloid) is identified, at autopsy in the brains of Alzheimers' patients. There are cases of Leukaemia linked to the formation of amyloid. EMF (electromagnetic field) studies have been done linking EMF's to sewing machine use. EMF studies "are conclusive" re causation of especially childhood Leukaemia.

After chronic, prolonged EMF/EMR exposure to one of my guinea pigs (initial exposure due to electric meter on outside of bedroom wall) -- two years' exposure to EMF's ranging between 3.5 milligauss and 4.5 milligauss, Kelley died with a diagnoisis of "Reactive Renal Amyloidosis."

The Long Island Study in New York re breast cancer and EMF's did not confirm a link as to "causation of breast cancer." I think the search for answers may not have focused on "nighttime exposures to electric appliances" (have not reviewed that research yet) which would therefor not provide a clear picture re potential cause of breast cancer due to low level EMF/EMR exposures.

For all of the reports, interviews, etc. to be "sprinkled everywhere" that breast feeding or not, more babies or not, early onset of menses or not, blah blah blah, to me, is "ludicrous" particularly since EMF/EMR exposures (very much on the rise since the 1950's) is seldom, if ever, mentioned.

I think women and men need to demand to know whether or not biopsies reveal amyloid formations and if so, start "at the top" of the list of toxic exposures known to cause protein misfolding that results in accumulations of amyloid. Chronic, prolonged exposures to low level EMF/EMR is the explanation. Other lifestyle variations "add to the mix...."

As is often said, "you can't find what you aren't looking for.....!!!" The studies aren't there because the scientists won't get funding to do more studies if they come up with the answers in a straight-forward, truthful manner.

Below my signature line I am including a short abstract re amyloid and breast cancer. Please feel free to distribute this email as you see fit.

Best wishes and stay well!!! Joanne

Joanne C. Mueller Guinea Pigs R Us
731 - 123rd Avenue N.W. Minneapolis, Minnesota 55448-2127 USA Phone: 763-755-6114 Email: jcmpelican@aol.com (10-1-06)

All the knowledge I possess everyone else can acquire. But my heart is all my own.--Goethe

Oncol Rep. 2004 Apr;11(4):761-3.
Primary amyloidosis of the breast associated with invasive breast cancer.

* White JD,
* Marshall DA,
* Seywright MM,
* Evans TR.

Department of Medical Oncology, Cancer Research UK, Beatson Oncology Centre, Western Infirmary, Glasgow, G11 6NT, UK. white.jeff@talk21.com

Amyloidosis is usually a systemic disorder. A localised form can involve the breast and may mimic breast cancer. We report a case of primary amyloid deposit confirmed by immunohistochemistry, occurring in a patient with early breast cancer and review other cases of breast involvement with various types of amyloid.

PMID: 15010869 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]



See article below re fibroblasts...... Joanne

PrtnFldg.FIBROBLASTS..ioniz&nonioniz exp induce terminal diff in cells. .1991...
From: JCMPelican(at)aol.com
Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2006 00:03:35 EDT

1: Scanning Microsc. 1991 Dec;5(4):1135-42; discussion 1142-3. Terminal differentiation of human fibroblasts is induced by radiation.

* Rodemann HP,
* Peterson HP,
* Schwenke K,
* von Wangenheim KH.

Developmental Biology Unit W7 and SFB 223, University of Bielefeld, FRG.

In order to analyze the effect of various kinds of radiation on the terminal differentiation processes of fibroblasts in culture, both human skin and lung fibroblasts were irradiated with electromagnetic non ionizing as well as ionizing radiation in clonal and sparse mass culture systems. As analyzed by cell biological (cell type frequencies), biochemical (collagen synthesis) and molecular markers (expression of protein PIVa) human skin and lung fibroblasts are induced to differentiate prematurely into terminal postmitotic cells. Thus, both electromagnetic and ionizing radiation induce terminal differentiation in cultured cells. These data add some new aspects for the interpretation of radiation effects on cells, e.g., in clinical therapy, as well as for the development of normal tissue responses during early and late effects after radiotherapy.

PMID: 1822035 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]


Joanne C. Mueller Guinea Pigs R Us
731 - 123rd Avenue N.W. Minneapolis, Minnesota 55448-2127 USA Phone: 763-755-6114 Email: jcmpelican@aol.com (10-1-06)

Breast cancer (UK) re O'Connor submissions to Daily Mail; study re amyloid in breast biopsies; need to focus on men; also comparisons between ioniz and nonioniz rad re fibroblasts.

jcm file 10-06-06

Hi Jo: When I was on the Metropolitan Airports Commission's Foundation, one of the airport doctors that I knew had breast cancer.


A cluster of male breast cancer in office workers


Increase of breast cancer near antennas



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