The US government policy has increasingly been marked by arrogance and self-interest

By boycotting US products, we want to put pressure on the US government to join the international community, complying with the rules of the United Nations and international law. With the military attack and invasion of Iraq in March 2003 the US acted as a rogue state.

Today more than ever US companies seem to have a major impact on the policy of the US administration. The US government policy has increasingly been marked by arrogance and self-interest:

We demand that the US:

Withdraw all forces of foreign military occupation from Iraq and respect the sovereignty of the Iraqi people, as well as their right to compensation for damage caused by the economic sanctions and Gulf Wars I & II;

Refrain from acts of aggression against other sovereign states and any nation or people;

Recognise the competence of the International Criminal Court to prosecute war criminals;

Stop the use of double standards! The US uses weapons of mass destruction (WMD) as an excuse for going to war, while it continues to maintain and develop its own massive stockpiles of WMDs (see following Treaties & graphic above);

Abandon their 'Star Wars' project (Ballistic Missile Defence) & reinstate the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty;

Ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty to ban nuclear weapon tests, respect the Non-Proliferation Treaty to stop the arms race, and move towards a Treaty for complete nuclear disarmament;

Ratify the Biological Weapons Convention Protocol, strengthen the Chemical Weapons Convention and ratify the Landmine Treaty;

Adopt the Kyoto protocol to stop global warming;

Stop forcing the hazardous use of GMOs (genetically modified food and farming) on the rest of the world;

Ratify the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), the first global health and corporate accountability treaty.

The unilateral policies of the US must stop now and all US troops must leave Iraq immediately.

As consumers we do not want our money to be used to fuel wars, environmental destruction and human-rights violations.

This list has been set up to spread news on the boycott campaign to people have signed the pledge to boycott US products


More info on the For Mother Earth website.


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