Today London declared peace on the world

"Today London declared peace on the world." - George Galloway, Respect MP for Bethnal Green and Bow, speaking on Dec 10th at the International Peace Conference in London.

Hear George Galloway's keynote speech on building an international movement. Andrew Murray and Jane Shallice moderated a conference panel that featured Galloway, with Ishmael Patel, Friends of Al Aqsa; Herbert Docena, Focus on Global South; Judith LeBlanc, United for Peace and Justice; Sabah Jawad, Iraqi Democrats Against Occupation; Dr. Azzam Tamini, Muslim Association of Britain; and Jeremy Corbyn, Labour MP of Islington North.

Photos and audio of this panel are available at

The mp3 audio files are available for radio airplay, with notice and attribution only requested, and download for private use. We have produced an audio program of all of the above speakers (including Galloway), plus a program of his talk alone. We have also produced a low-band version of the panel audio for people with dialup connections.

Traprock had just released the photo-album and audio of the Military Families Campaign panel, featuring Cindy Sheehan, Rose Gentle, Reg Keys and Kelly Dougherty.

See http://www.traprockpeace.org for full coverage of the conference.

Coming are panels on the current situation, with an opening address by Tony Benn, and bringing Bush and Blair to account, with David Swanson of AfterDowningStreet.org and others. We'll also be posting video of Cindy Sheehan and John Rees, and video of Elizabeth Wrigley-Field of the Campus Antiwar Network when she addressed a meeting of 200 students at the conference. We will also post some wonderful posed photos, including Cindy Sheehan.

George Galloway, in his 20 minute talk, brought the audience to its feet man times. His talk was full of passion, and he termed George Bush and Tony Blair as criminals for their destruction of Fallujah.

Concerning a 6 year old Iraqi girl who was wounded there and is living in the UK, he said:

"One year ago the United States Air Force backed by a perimeter ring of steel created by the Blackwatch of the British Army - her house was destroyed, and she lost her mother, her father, her brothers, her sisters, her grandmother, her grandfather. All of them murdered by George Bush and Tony Blair. And I told that little girl we in this movement will never rest until we have brought to account the criminals responsible for the massacre of your family."

The London conference called on the anti-war movement in all countries to:

* Organise international demonstrations on March 18-19 2006, the third anniversary of the war and invasion, calling for the immediate withdrawal of troops and an end to the occupation.

* Campaign for a full international public inquiry into the assault on Fallujah last year.

* Give full support to the campaigns of military families in the US, Britain and the other occupying countries.

* Develop an international coordination from this conference to plan further events.

* Campaign against the privatisation of Iraqi oil.

* Oppose any attack on Iran or Syria.


"This international Peace Conference of 1,400 anti-war activists from Britain, the USA and many other countries demands the release of all illegally detained prisoners in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay.

We urge the release of the four Chritian peace campaigners, Norman Kember, Tom Fox, James Loney and Harmeet Singh Sooden, and we ask those holding them to return them to their families unharmed."

See the full conference statement at http://www.stopthewar.co.uk

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