Tell Congress to have an honest debate on Iraq for the safety of our troops

Last week we were honored to have Congressman Murtha speak to our DCCC members. His call for an honest debate on Iraq has already garnered more support from our members than any other campaign we've launched this year.

We hope to deliver 50,000 names to the Speaker of the House, and right now we have more than 30,000 -- if you believe this Republican Congress has abdicated its responsibility long enough, please join us:

Tell Congress to Have an Honest Debate on Iraq For the Safety of Our Troops.


Hours after we launched this petition, the Republicans aired another example of their smear political stunts. From the beginning, Republicans have substituted divisive, over-the-line political attacks for substantive policy in Iraq. The campaign to sell America on war was carefully planned and brilliantly executed -- but it was clear that they had literally been too busy with the sales pitch to plan for the peace.

Last week President Bush released what he called a "Strategy for Victory in Iraq." Days later, we found out that it had been written by a pollster. Another few days after that we learned where the real Republican focus was -- they released a web ad so scurrilous that even a Republican Senator said they should take it down.

With a full-scale media blitz, the Republican National Committee released their "White Flag" campaign, attempting to smear Democrats like John Murtha as unpatriotic, undermining our troops and advocating "surrender." This is their substitute for real debate. The DCCC has put together a video to counterpunch their continued personal attacks. Attacking Democrats is not a plan for success in Iraq. I hope you will watch the DCCC video, sign the petition and then tell them to get their attention back on finding a real solution to the problems in Iraq:

Tell Congress to Have an Honest Debate on Iraq For the Safety of Our Troops.


For more than 1,000 days of war, the Republican Congress has counted itself out. There has been no oversight of the White House, and no serious debate on our future in Iraq.

This cannot go on -- the stakes are too high. We will deliver your name, along with tens of thousands of others, to the Speaker of the House before Congress goes home for recess. Please take a moment to watch the new video from the DCCC and to sign on to John Murtha's call for an honest debate:

Tell Congress to Have an Honest Debate on Iraq For the Safety of Our Troops.



John Lapp Executive Director, DCCC

PS: We must show this Republican Congress how many Americans support John Murtha. Tell Congress to have an honest debate on Iraq for the safety of our troops.



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