Call your Representative about PATRIOT Act reauthorization

The House may vote as early as tomorrow (Wednesday, December 7) on a PATRIOT Act "compromise" bill, known as a "conference report," that is identical or close to the unacceptable version drafted before Congress's Thanksgiving recess.

What the House may vote on: The conference report fails to make adequate changes to Section 215, expands National Security Letter powers, and otherwise disregards civil liberties. It places seven year sunsets on sections 206, 215 and "lone wolf" and makes the rest of the PATRIOT Act permanent. (For more information about the bill, see http://www.bordc.org/newsletter/bordc-act-alert39.php#draft .)

As an alternative to the conference report, the House may vote on a "continuing resolution," which would extend all expiring provisions, without changes, for a specific period, such as 3-6 months. A continuing resolution would extend the debate, so it is preferable to a bad bill.

Take Action/Talking Points: Please phone or fax your House member today or tomorrow (sorry, not enough time for emails!) and tell him or her that the conference report is unacceptable because [insert the issues you feel are most important], and to vote against it on behalf of his/her constituents, including those in [cities and counties in their district], which have passed civil liberties resolutions. Ask your Representative to oppose the conference report and vote in favor of a continuing resolution, if one is proposed.

Look up your Representative's contact information at
http://www.house.gov .
See expanded talking points at
Look up resolutions passed in your district at
http://www.bordc.org/list.php?sortAlpha=1 . We will send updates on House and Senate votes when we have more information.
Thanks for all you do,

Bill of Rights Defense Committee
Web: http://www.bordc.org
Email: info@bordc.org
Phone: 413-582-0110
Fax: 413-582-0116

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