FEMA and the coming police state

FEMA Concentration Camp for Families in Taylor, Texas

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Al Martin: FEMA and the coming police state

Important article, if a little frightening. It explains why, further down, that Fema is organizing America into a gulag of work camps. The implementing legislation is in place, or going in place even now. It may somewhat replicate the work camps that served the German corporations in WWII, being located on top of natural resources. These people just can't help recreating the fascist model. Heck...just take a look at films and stories on last years Republican Convention in New York. The writer, Al Martin, was a former cohort of the Bush Cabal... D

FEMA, CILFs & State Security: Shocking Updates (11-28-05)

The Bush-Cheney Regime is telling US citizens their exact intent. In fact FEMA is being upgraded as a federal agency, and upon passage of PATRIOT Act III, which contains the amendment to overturn posse comitatus, FEMA will be re-militarized, which will give the agency military police powers. It should be remembered that FEMA started out in 1952 as a military agency, called Federal Emergency Military Agency (FEMA).

FEMA was under the control of the Department of Defense. In related news, as reported on CNBC, the new Taser H-26 super stun gun has been fully developed and is already being sold, even though there have been problems.

(It also comes with the laser target identifier, so when you see that little red dot on you at night, and you wish to avoid that nasty shock, you immediately raise your right arm in the air and shout - "Hail the Leader.")

Taser doesn't like having to adopt the new label of semi-lethal instead of non-lethal. Semi-lethal, in this case, means that whether it is lethal to you or not depends on your body's tolerance for 100,000 volts of electricity.

Nevertheless Taser is going to restrict sales to governmental agencies and the military only, at least for now. FEMA has announced they will go ahead with the purchase of the new super stun gun to add to their ever-growing arsenal of high-tech, so-called non-lethal and semi-lethal weapons, to be used for the control of either crowds or the control of detained citizens en masse.

But after PATRIOT III is passed, FEMA will be re-militarized and it will be a fully stand-alone federal agency that will take over from the Department of Defense the militarized law enforcement and citizen control function within the United States.

FEMA has acted, as we reported earlier, not to confiscate, but to commandeer the Red Cross emergency housing facilities in the future. Furthermore FEMA has announced it will commandeer now and take control of all remaining temporary housing facilities now being run by private charities and other organizations. In other words, these facilities are going to be brought under control of a remilitarized, military policed and empowered FEMA.

As Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff pointed out in recent weeks, these private temporary housing facilities and compounds will be made 'secure' by FEMA.

Secondly, FEMA is now taking over from the U.S. Army the control of the CILF project (Civilian Inmate Labor Facilities). FEMA will now provide the personnel within these facilities to act as guards, and also to keep out of the venue any legalities regarding any personal rights, as well as civil liberties that citizens detained in these facilities would have had, had these facilities remained under the control of the Department of Defense. In other words, these facilities, legally speaking, in a post-PATRIOT Act III environment, will hold citizens, who while detained will have no rights. This lack of rights goes beyond the lack of rights that exists now under PATRIOT II. This means indefinite detention without trial, indefinite detention without charge, indefinite detention without right of counsel-indefinite detention secretly, without any communication with the outside world, and without anyone knowing where you are.

The power to do so does not really rest with the Department of Defense. That power really rests with Homeland Security and FEMA.

And this is what it has come down to -- a turf war between Homeland Security and the Department of Defense, between Chertoff and Rumsfeld, that Homeland Security has won. That's what this is really all about. It's a turf war, in which Homeland Security wants militarized police operations domestically under its control. It wants to run all civilian detention facilities, all 'non-conventional civilian judicial apparatus' relating to the PATRIOT Act, knowing this would vastly increase the power of Homeland Security.

Chertoff didn't say this, but Congressman Dan Burton said that, after PATRIOT III is passed, the Department of Homeland Security's name will be changed to the Office of State Security. He also said that's what pro-Bush faction Republicans wanted to name the agency all along, but were afraid to do so because of what that might mean in certain public quarters and how it might be construed.

However, Congressman Burton points out, sinisterly enough, that, in a post-PATRIOT Act III environment -- we need no longer be concerned about public opinion. Chertoff is thus setting himself up as a czar, a Czar of Domestic Military Security.

Chertoff is doing it by cobbling a system together -- by increasing FEMA powers, which would be further increased anyway in the post-PATRIOT III environment. This will insure that Northern Command does not trump the Department of Homeland Security, or soon to be the Office of State Security, in terms of militarized law enforcement capacity. In other words, he wants Homeland Security and FEMA to have that power and organization -- not the Department of Defense.

This is a power struggle Chertoff is clearly winning and Rumsfeld is effectively feeding into. The implications, of course, continue to be ever more sinister for the American people in the post-PATRIOT III environment. What remaining civil rights and constitutional protections were afforded American citizens would be effectively eviscerated, and we will have what the Regime has wanted all along -- a militarized police state.

Furthermore, what will happen is that in the post-Patriot III environment, the CILF project, for the first time, will be able to be openly funded as a separate budgetary item, instead of funding it through the U.S. Army, as it's being done now. It is currently estimated the Regime is spending about $1 billion dollars a year on refurbishing and expanding the CILF program. The funding, by the way, is being diverted from U.S. Army training and weapons procurement funding. That's where the money's coming from. However, in the post-PATRIOT Act III environment, the CILFs will be able to be funded as a separate item.

Chertoff even said this, that he would request funding be increased from what is an estimated billion dollars per annum now, to $10 billion per annum, to allow for the dramatic expansion of CILF facilities in order to meet the new goal.

Readers may remember the CILFs originally were envisioned to house 2 million dissidents, or those who were found to be acting in a seditious capacity or otherwise treasonous to the state. That was, I think, the original language in 1977. What Chertoff has now said is that the facilities are going to be expanded to initially house 3 million.

Furthermore, and what is interesting about this, is the Department of Homeland Security is currently petitioning for increased power over the Department of the Interior, for example. It is now attempting to usurp some of the authority of the Department of Interior regarding the management of certain federal lands in 'agriculturally or mineral producing areas.' FEMA now wants first dibs, as it were, over these lands.

It is likely, based on the pronouncements coming from FEMA and OEM, or Office of Emergency Management, (remember FEMA and OEM will be put together as one agency post-PATRIOT III), one can draw the conclusion from this attempt to usurp the power of the Department of the Interior that Chertoff intends to build CILFs on federal lands.

Remember a Department of Homeland Security senior advisor, former KGB General Yevgeny Primakov, intimated this before in a radio show he did with BBC, which we have previously written about: Chertoff wants to build new large CILF camps on agricultural or mineral-producing areas. In other words, what he's talking about now is the construction of a long-term system of concentration camps, using slave labor for mining and for the production of agricultural products.

Chertoff is saying these places have to support themselves. Under Bushonomics, the red ink cannot flow forever to the point where you could potentially house, let's say, 10% of the population in a gulag. These gulags, like the Russian gulags, have to pay for themselves somehow, and how you make them pay is by insuring the detainees are put to work producing something of value -- agriculture, metals, minerals, fishing rights, timber -- something that is of commercial value to defray the cost of maintaining a gulag.

And that is precisely what Chertoff is attempting to build. That's why Chertoff has requested the special power over the Department of Interior to inform 'certain current commercial leaseholders of federal lands-agriculture, grazing, timber, metals, minerals, etc.-to shorten the leases of these lands and to make them a fixed termination wherein the Department of Homeland Security (soon to be the Office of State Security) could take control of these lands to build CILFs on them that would be self-supporting or reasonably so.'

Typically these things are sub-contracted out to Bush connected firms. But pro-Bush faction Republicans have expressed a willingness to give up that gravy train to some extent. Their willingness comes out of their desperation to see a pro-Bush faction Regime remain in power, knowing that, if a democratic process is allowed to proceed, (this is the thinking), a Democratic Party candidate would be elected president in 2008. If that were to occur, the economic policies which this Democrat Party administration would have to undertake would be so draconian that, in order for the American people, to make it politically palatable, they would need to tell the people for the very first time the truth about the Bush Cabal and about the rape and pillage of the United States by this Cabal.

It will not be couched in terms of FDR's New Deal program. When you have to ask the American people to make substantial sacrifices, short of fighting a global war, they're going to want to know why. Global war against "terrorism" will not be convincing anymore.

Therefore, an incoming Democratic regime would have no choice but to tell the people the truth about Bushonomics and about the Bush Cabal and what has been done to the nation and the trillions upon trillions in debt this Cabal and Bushonian Regimes have accrued. Then, all of the pro-Bush faction Republicans with connections to the frauds, to the endless panoply of Bushonian frauds, would be flushed out and identified.

Therefore, pro-Bush faction Republicans are increasingly desperate to ensure that the Regime is continued and that it uses its PATRIOT Act powers to continue itself, not only in power, but in absolute power. Consequently they're willing to give up the gravy train on the minerals and agricultural lands.

However, interestingly enough, as Congressman Tom DeLay had pointed out previously, since the mineral and ag payments haven't increased much since the original law of 1872, thanks to Republican pressure to keep them low, the federal government is not losing much revenue anyway. Why? Because the lease payments are so low relative to the commercial value of the land, CILFs could actually make these lands generate a profit beyond the cost of actually running the CILF.

General Primakov warned us of this in his BBC radio interview in
2003. This is when he was still a senior advisor to Homeland Security on Domestic Internal Security affairs, DISA, as it was called, as it is still called. General Primakov, knowing he would lose his $150,000-a-year consulting fee, came out and started to tell the truth. But Primakov wasn't really giving up anything because he knew that when his 18-month contract was over, it wasn't going to be renewed anyway because it had become an embarrassment. Primakov, Karpov and Kalugin had frankly become embarrassments -- and they knew it.

Therefore, in order to hedge his bets, Primakov goes to Europe and starts giving interviews about what the Bush Cheney Regime is up to. That way, he could be an I-told-you-so down the road. This is something Russian generals always like to say down the road. Their one great claim to fame is for Russian generals 10 years down the line to be able to say, "I told you so."

This is an update, and a review of where the nation is going. There are more and more signs and they are showing the intent of the Bush Cheney Regime. What I find most onerous of all is that the Regime, with each passing month, hides less and less of its intent. In other words, the amount of information within the public domain, although, granted, not particularly easy to find, is nonetheless in the public domain. There is plenty of information even the average citizen can find in the public domain, if they know how to look for it.

That's the key difference. Most people don't know how to look. But if you do know how to look for information, the amount of information regarding all of what we have just said that is in the public domain is astounding. The Regime is not attempting to hide its intent. And with near-absolute control of mainstream media, it doesn't have to. For instance regarding the turf war between the Pentagon and Homeland Security, people have asked me -- are the generals going to sit still and let it happen?

The generals in the Department of Defense know, in the last analysis, they control the military. They control all of the heavy weapons. More importantly, they control all of the military infrastructure. They know that, even if they are not in control of the CILFs and if the Department of Defense is not in control of a militarized police state, in the last analysis, they are in control. The reason why, I think, Rumsfeld is acquiescing is he doesn't want the Department of Defense to have the headache of this program. I mean, who wants the headache of doing this?

Rumsfeld is not interested in becoming a king or czar. Chertoff apparently is.

But we should understand where we are going. As mentioned before, OEM went through the GSA (Government Service Administration) to have new rationing booklets printed for food, petrol, tobacco, liquor, etc., which is something that has not been done since the Second World War. This in itself speaks volumes. The only reason you're going to do that is if you intend to ration products in the US.

Here's another part we touched on before that should be reiterated. The FEMA-OEM combination in a post-PATRIOT Act III environment already exists (it doesn't need a declaration) since a state of national emergency has existed since 9-14-01.

We should also remember the declaration of a national emergency, the legal trip wires exist. In other words, in a sense, PATRIOT III is already here.

In a post-PATRIOT III environment, the FEMA-OEM combination could, at any time, exert absolute control over the production and distribution of food and fuels, by the power already given to them under PATRIOTs I and II.

In a post-PATRIOT III environment, they could act under the existing declaration of a national emergency signed by George Bush in September 2001 that gives them enough to hang their hat on, legally speaking, to exert control over the production and distribution of food, water, medicine, etc. in the nation. As we have mentioned before, the OEM has done surveys of all the large food distribution companies in the United States, asking them the total number of outlets they have, the square footage, the production volume, etc. They would then have the information ready so the FEMA-OEM super-combo agency (the State Security Agency), after PATRIOT Act III, would have the information necessary to take control of food and water distribution, production, etc. in the nation if they so chose to do.

All of this is combined with what we have been writing about-the various edicts of the U.S. Treasury to increasingly restrict citizens' ability to own gold, to take gold out of the country, to force them to use a soft dollar in a post-economically collapsed environment, knowing that that is the ultimate goal.

Why is all of this is being done? Why is the regime moving to a militarized police state and to a dictatorship?

It is because of what Comptroller General David Walker said, that after 2009, the ability of the United States to continue to service its debt becomes questionable.

Although the average citizen may not understand what that means, when the United States can no longer service its debt it collapses as an economic entity. We would be an economically collapsed state.

The only way government can function and can maintain control in an economically collapsed state is through a military dictatorship. Government has never been able to maintain control throughout history of a post-economically collapsed environment other than in a military dictatorship. We have seen many examples of this south of the border, in Eastern Europe and in Asia throughout the twentieth century.

There is really nothing new about this. People act like this is something new. The people who believe that, of course, are the naive flag-wavers. They also believe that what has happened on the rest of this planet throughout history can't happen in the United States. Of course, it can. And it will happen because Bushonomics ensures that it will happen.

Bushonomics is ensuring the need for a military dictatorship in the nation. The United States, in order to survive in a post-economically collapsed environment, would have to have the ability to repudiate the trillions of Bushonian debt that has been accrued. It couldn't survive as an economic state and still service that debt.

We've heard this on radio shows before, that there is a growing number of people in this country who are buying 5 or 10 acres of farmland in the middle of nowhere and building little farm-lets for themselves and getting ready for all this. First of all, that's nonsense, in that FEMA and OEM would control all food production in the country, ala Soviet style. As General Primakov said, this would not only be an American gulag system, but an American gulag system based on a Soviet model.

In other words, you are forced to sell your products to the state at a fixed price. The state is going to know how much you can grow. It is nonsense to believe you can remain in the United States and have any degree of independence or control over your own life or the ability to feed yourself without a rationing coupon book. That is nonsense to believe. It is further nonsense that those who buy survivalist food and guns think that they are going to stand up against their government. That is nonsense as well.

The new American Civil War scenario is also nonsense. You would be mowed down. Let's face it. Why do you think all of the sub agencies now, like the Office of Internal Security, have already identified every potential citizen who is hostile to the regime? Your whereabouts are already known. It isn't like you can hide.

And this is the long and short of it. The only thing that is going to be good is gold and the only way to have that is to be outside of the United States.

By the way this column is not meant to be apocalyptic. This is simply a review of the situation as it currently stands and what it will look like after PATRIOT III. There's nothing apocalyptic here. There is no guesswork implied.

The Regime is telling you their intentions.



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