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Almost time to.... "Take Back the Woods"

NJ Bear Hunt Begins December 5, 2005

Before the sun comes up on Monday, December 5th, "hunters" will be traveling in the darkness of night to take their hidden positions in the woodlands of New Jersey. New Jersey's black bears have been protected for many years, with the exception of 2003, when at least 328 bears were killed in the only NJ state sanctioned slaughter of bears in 35 years.

We should call these people what they really are. They are not hunters, they are assassins. They are not fierce warriors, they are cowards.....hiding and waiting for an unsuspecting bear to happen along for the bait that they have been setting out most likely for weeks now. The cold hard reality is that most of these bears will be shot in the back from tree stands while they munch on jelly donuts and BBQ grease that has been left in the woods in order to create an easy target for these murderous scum. There is nothing sportsmanlike about bear hunting.

It is time for us to say the same thing to this state sanctioned slaughter as we did to the fur ghouls who inhabit and pollute the fashionable runways and streets of New York City. We at WAR once again say: "ENOUGH" It's time for us to assert our rights and take back our woods. The large majority of our population does not hunt. Hunting is truly a "dying sport". If we really believe that our brothers and sisters that dwell in the forests have rights, it is time that we rise up in their defense.

For useful information of where to go and what to do when you get there, visit the WAR bulletin board, Operation: Take Back the Woods '05. So, do some reading and research and then make yourself some PB&J or marinated tofu sandwiches, fill your thermos with soy latte and pack up your knapsack........let's head to the woods. Don't waste time thinking about it, just do it. There is still time to make a difference for the NJ bears and the others that live in the woods.

Don't forget to dress appropriately and anyone planning on entering the woods must be wearing blaze orange for safety.


If you would like to join us for an early morning hike in the woods on Monday, December 5th, we will be posting meetup times and details on Sunday, December 4th. Once again, the WAR bulletin boards will have the most up to date information.

If you are not able to be there, then consider making phone calls and sending e-mails to those NJ officials that have the authority to call a halt to this insane slaughter. For more information, we urge you to check out: http://www.nj-ara.org/bears.html

Win Animal Rights

For more information contact: Win Animal Rights/W.A.R. at: centcom@war-online.org or check out the WAR website at:


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NEWS BULLETIN: Snow is falling in northwestern New Jersey and anonymous reports are pouring in from Bear Defenders, who are hard at work preparing for opening of the government sanctioned assassination of black bears. While hunters prepare for the hunt, animal liberation warriors have taken to the field in defense of native forest dwellers.

Numerous tree stands that have been previously sighted are no longer visible...something appears to have happened to them during the night. Donut laced bait stations were sighted but reports indicate that they may have been compromised by mysterious ammonia like substances. Flourescent trail markers seem to have been repositioned. We sure hope Elmer has a compass as he may become "vewy, vewy confused". Bear tracks and scat have been obliterated and are now covered by the falling snow. Blaze orange markers appear to have been randomly scattered throughout the woods adding to the confusion.

Reports indicate that there have been numerous bear sightings and that the bears are gentle and docile and not the least bit aggressive. It is our fervent hope that the snow will continue and drive them to den and that the presence of active bear defenders will alert them to the coming danger.

More as breaking news develops..........

For more information about what you can do to defend NJ Bears, please check out the WAR Bulletin Board "Operation: Take Back the Woods '05" at: http://war.arforum.org/

Later today we will be sending out details about a meet up in NJ on Monday, December 5, 2005 for anyone who wishes to participate in "Operation: Take Back the Woods". We are arranging carpools from New York City. Anyone who can drive or who wishes a ride, please contact us immediately.

For more info contact: Win Animal Rights/W.A.R. at: centcom@war-online.org or check out the WAR website at:

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In just a few short hours at sunrise, the sounds of gun shots will be echoing through the still air of the New Jersey woods. You can still make a difference for the defenseless bears that are only hours from being shot from behind, by cowards hiding in tree stands, as they haplessly munch on jelly donuts and bagels.

Reports continue to come in from field locations. More tree stands appear to have been turned into firewood and numerous fluorescent trail markers appears to have been reconfigured into smiley faces. :-P

As someone who was in the woods of NJ in 2003, I would like to share some of my recollections with you. I recall hearing the first rifle shots and flinching at the thought that the first bear in 33 years might be dying at the hands of a scumbag hunter. I remember seeing the first bear come into the Waywayanda weigh station and seeing the poor thing hoisted up, her blood puddling on the snow covered ground.

One of the hardest moments was watching a hunter open the back of a station wagon. He carried, in his arms, a limp black body. At first I thought it was a dog....a black labrador retriever perhaps. It turned out to be the lifeless body of a black bear cub. He couldn't have been very old and he was no bigger than the family dog.

What I remember being horrified about while we watched the hunters return triumphantly with their "kill" in tow is that the majority of the bears that were slaughtered that first day were young females and cubs. And who will ever forget the story of the bear cub that was shot and staggered out onto the highway to die slowly, as the grizzly scene was witnessed by countless New Jersey commuters including children?

The horror of this hunt is it's inhumanity. These bears harm no one except maybe the greedy land developers who wish to continue to rape and pillage the bear's homes. They are not encroaching on our territory, we are encroaching on theirs. Instead of finding a peaceful solution, a way to cohabit the woods, we sell them out and deliver them into the hands of cowardly assassins, who lure them with treats and "bait" and then shoot them when their backs are turned. How despicable!

What I find most amazing is that the bears have harmed no one, still the state of NJ feels that safety dictates sending out killers to neutralize them. Every day I hear about hunting accidents, many of them resulting in death and some of them involving children and unsuspecting bystanders, yet the state isn't advocating the abolition or even the stricter regulation of hunting. Doesn't make any sense to me.

Please consider becoming a bear defender and when the
5 day season comes to a close, become a forest and wildlife defender. Its time we all said "ENOUGH". At WAR, we are dedicated to continuing the fight until the woods are safe and open for the enjoyment of all animals, human and non-human.

Until all are free,

Win Animal Rights

P.S. To meet up with other activists, contact us at:
646-267-9934 or check the WAR bulletin board at:

All activities planned for December 5th are totally legal. If you plan on entering the woods, you must be wearing blaze orange for safety reasons.

For more info contact: Win Animal Rights/W.A.R. at: centcom@war-online.org or check out the WAR website at:


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Operation: Take Back the Woods '05 Update

Hunter tree stands and bait stations continue to be compromised during the state sanctioned black bear slaughter. Bear defenders were heavily concentrated in New Jersey's Waywayanda State Park. One of our teams was stationed in an area that was being heavily patrolled by both Bear Defenders and Wounded Bear Rescue Teams. Patrols spotted many bears, but heard very few gun shots. Bears seemed passive and not at all dangerous.

Breaking News: four bear defenders were arrested as a result of a sting operation In Waywayanda State Park, this morning. Following is a statement issued by NJARA and the BEAR Group:

"This morning, four bear activists fell victim to a sting operation orchestrated by two hunters they had encountered in the woods yesterday, as well as park rangers and Division of Fish and Wildlife staff. These peaceful, nonviolent people were only trying to rescue wounded bears while documenting the hunt on videotape. Yesterday, these same two hunters shot a bear within close proximity to these activists. The rescuers followed the blood trail, but the bear was dead.

The hunters cut the bear open, discarded her entrails, and hauled her body out of the woods. They left behind the bear's heart, clearly visible against the white snow. These activists discovered the bloody entrails of one of their bear neighbors.

Today, the bear rescuers were engaged by those same two hunters, along with an additional hunter who was wearing a ski mask. They said they were from South Jersey and were hunting practically in the backyard of one of the activists, who they called by name and obviously recognized.

The hunters were taunting the activists, using racial slurs, but at no point did the activists restrict the movement of these hunters or interfere with their ability to hunt. In fact, the activists were walking away from the hunters when they heard someone shout out, "Clear the area!" They were frightened for their lives because they had no idea that the police, park rangers, and Division of Fish and Wildlife staff were there. Once they realized they were officers, the activists were calmly escorted out of the woods.

Later, they discovered the hunter wearing the ski mask was a park ranger."

Check out the WAR website for daily reports coming in from the field and for pictures both of gentle NJ bears and before and after shots of hunter tree stands, submitted to us anonymously by bear defenders. In view of what happened at Waywayanda this morning, it is now more important than ever to get bear defenders out into the field. If having activists out there wasn't effective, they never would have attempted that sting operation. So, lets head for the NJ woods Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

If anyone is willing to drive from New York City, please contact us immediately at: 646-267-9934 or e-mail: centcom@war-online.org

For more information about what you can do to defend NJ Bears, please check out the WAR Bulletin Board "Operation: Take Back the Woods '05" at: http://war.arforum.org/

For more info contact: Win Animal Rights/W.A.R. at:
centcom@war-online.org or check out the WAR website at:

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