The goal of this new Research Questionnaire is to garner for 2005 and 2006 the maximum amount of new data and statistics in the face of the unprecedented growth of mobile relay antennas for Mobile Telephones (MT) resulting from the operators bringing into operation in the last few months new technologies (EDGE, 3G /UMTS, etc. . .).

This increased density of the network of relay stations for MT generates a very strong increase in “Electrosmog” (the whole set of ambient ElectroMagnetic Fields). This latest development is now taking the proportion of masts to an even more worrying level for our health, notably by the generalization of hyper frequency radiation from microwaves. The absence of objective information generates a total lack of understanding of the risks incurred by people who live near the relay antennas. Many studies show changes in electroencephalograms, associated with cerebral malfunction and put into question the role of ElectroMagnetic Fields (EMF) from the MT relay antennas in the outbreak of neurovegitative troubles such as headaches, abnormal fatigue, disturbance of sleep etc. . . from where comes the all new expression of recent years: “People Are Tired”.

This anonymous questionnaire if you want to complete it, is easy to complete. It is essential that it is widely broadcast in France and in Europe so that it might be credible. After data processing of the responses to the questionnaire, we will put the statistics back in the hands of the scientists for final analysis.

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(by electronic translator)

Thank you for your message and your interrogations. People of Associations "Let us save Leon" (l’Associations Sauvons Léon) decided to in general undertake a national and international combat on the electrosmog. The strategy which is to develop wants innovative and media, because we think that to gain it is necessary to inform the mass of the population. It is necessary still that during a few months that we inform to arrive at the goal which a great part of the population includes/understands the problem. For a few days, televisions in their television news in France have started to make reports on the brain tumours in the schools, that had never existed front. We recorded a considerable number of new connections, more than 200 instantaneous by each waiter this Friday, there are eight waiters!

To type on Google for example: next up telephonie mobile http://www.google.fr/search?q=next+up+telephonie+mobile&hl=fr&lr=&start=0&sa=N

We think that we are on the good way, it is necessary to continue, we strongly progressed, but that is not yet sufficient. All together we must arrive there, it is a combat of public health international.

The answers to your questions are all in the site. - Which are we? http://www.next-up.org/intro2.php#1

- and which are our goals?

and http://www.next-up.org/main.php?param=problem

With regard to the European Parliament, if you can have contacts, that would be very positive! On the site we have a heading direct on Europe. http://www.next-up.org/synthese_parlement_europeen.php

Yours sincerely
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En Francais !

Merci de votre message et de vos interrogations.

Des personnes de l’Associations Sauvons Léon ont décidé d’entreprendre un combat national et international sur l’électrosmog en général.

La stratégie qui est mise en œuvre se veut novatrice et médiatique, car nous pensons que pour gagner il faut informer la masse de la population.

Il faut encore que pendant quelques mois que nous informions pour arriver au but qu’une partie importante de la population comprenne le problème.

Depuis quelques jours, les télévisions dans leurs journaux télévisés en France commencent à faire des reportages sur les tumeurs au cerveau dans les écoles, cela n’avait jamais existé avant. Nous avons enregistré un nombre considérable de nouvelles connexions, plus de 200 instantanées par chaque serveur ce vendredi, il y a huit serveurs!

Taper sur Google par exemple: next up telephonie mobile

Nous pensons que nous sommes sur la bonne voie, il faut continuer, nous avons fortement progressé, mais cela n’est pas encore suffisant.

Tous ensemble nous devons y arriver, c’est un combat de salubrité publique international.

Les réponses à vos questions sont toutes dans le site.

- Qui sommes-nous ?



Quels sont nos buts ?

En ce qui concerne le Parlement Européen, si vous pouvez avoir des contacts, cela serait très positif !

Sur le site nous avons une rubrique direct sur l'Europe.

Bien à vous
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