Bring the troops home: a majority of Americans want troops home in 2006

In a speech today, President Bush tried to answer the majority of Americans who believe we need to change course in Iraq. But he offered no plans to bring troops home—just flashy public relations.

Bush's public relations push comes at a tipping point in the Iraq debate. A majority of Americans want troops home in 2006 and former supporters of the war in Congress like Rep. John P. Murtha (D-PA) agree.

Members of Congress are changing and examining their position on Iraq right now. It is critical that they hear from all of us. For the next two weeks we're circulating a petition calling on Congress to insist on an exit strategy to bring the troops home in 2006. Will you sign? Click below.


We’re planning a nation-wide round of deliveries two weeks from now, when MoveOn members will deliver local petition signatures to Congresspeople across the country. The more people who sign, the more clear the message will be: we expect Congress to act.

Members of Congress are trying to figure out whether the national concern about the war is reflected in their home district. And things are changing fast: just in the last weeks, Senators Obama, Clinton, and Biden have indicated that they're more open to a quicker exit strategy. A strong showing of support for a plan to bring the troops home will send an important message that our representatives need to do their job.

It hasn't always been clear over the last two years when Congressional leaders might come around on Iraq. But this might be that moment. Two thirds of Americans want a plan to bring the troops home and, as Congressman John Murtha and a growing group of military generals argue, that is the best course we have. That is why signing the petition is so important.

Two weeks ago Congressman Murtha, a long-time supporter of the war, kick-started a debate on Iraq by proposing a plan to bring our troops home from Iraq starting immediately and taking about six months. Rep. Murtha's case is simple.

* U.S. troop presence is driving the insurgency, making things worse. Iraq can't stabilize with U.S. troops there.

* Iraqis want us to leave—more than 80% of Iraqis in one survey.

* The war in Iraq is making America less safe—hurting our preparedness and global alliances.

* The challenges that remain in Iraq can only be resolved politically—not with the military.

We need to push our elected leaders to stand firm and insist on a real plan to bring the troops home—a responsible exit strategy with a timeline that starts now and brings the troops home in 2006.

Please sign our petition so we can deliver it to representatives before they leave for the holiday break.



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