Stop Human Trafficking

Forced Drug Experiments On Black & Latino Children

Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center is using Foster Care Children locked at the Incarnation Children's Center in Washington Heights, Manhattan as Guinea Pigs for their research on HIV Toxic Drugs & Experimental Vaccines on behalf of Drug Companies. Most of those Children are also given Psychotropics to keep them Docile while they torture them. Psychiatrists use them for a study of "Suicidal Tendencies in HIV positive Children".

These Children were taken away from their Mothers when they went to deliver and tested HIV+. We know that those tests are unreliable and crossreact with the Flu, Smallpox, 60 other infections (past or present) and with pregnancy. Many of these Children died and are still dying as a result of these Lethal Experiments. Children as young as 1 month old were intubated & daily force-fed these drugs, even in the middle of the night: plain torture before killing them.

Emergency Rally at 3:00 PM Saturday, October 29, 2005 Incarnation Children's Center 142 Audubon Avenue, Washington Heights, Manhattan, New York (172 & 173 Street, Trains 1, 9, A, C to 168 St. Stop)

There are 18,000 Children in Foster Care in NYC: 98% Black & Latino, less than 1% White. Foster Care is a profit-driven Industry, a subtle continuation of Institutionalized Slavery. It treats Children as Chattel, violating the 13th Amendment against Slavery and Involuntary Servitude. Family Court is an Institutionalized System of Injustice setup to "legalize" this Racketeering Scheme and Rubber Stamp the State Sponsored Child & Family Abuse to Terrorize & Subdue poor Blacks & Latinos. A Social Cancer that continually feeds the prison, homeless and mentally ill population. See:

Join Us in Defense of Our Children. No More "Tuskegee Experiments" Stop Torturing Our Children. Defend Our Children from Their Tormentors Close Down this Slaughterhouse. Let Our Children Go

Stop the Slave Trade with Our Children. Reparations Now!

Sponsors: Parents in Action, December 12 Movement, Millions For Reparations, Mothers of the Stolen Children, Parents Against Forced Adoptions, Circulo Bolivariano Alberto Lovera, Concerned Citizens for Family Preservation, Harlem Tenants Council, Descendants of Freedom, NYC Mothers Acting Up, The People Advocacy, International Action Center, National Action Network, Muhammad Mosque No. 7, ICOPE, The Defense Foundation for Children USA, The Miracles Of Hope Network, Altitudes for Community Excellence, Association of Black Social Workers, etc.


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Parents in Action: 718-392-7485, 347-624-4830,
December 12 Movement: 718-398-1766,

Stop the Coward Attack on Poor Mothers & Their Innocent Children


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