Council powerless to prevent phone mast getting taller

Oct 27 2005

More than 20 objection letters were sent to Bracknell Forest Borough Council about mobile phone giant 02's scheme to extend its mast at the junction of Cressex Close and Terrace Road South.

Bracknell MP Andrew MacKay also wrote to support objectors against the scheme, which was to replace the current 12-metre mast disguised as a telegraph pole with a 12.5-metre one to include 2G technology.

Objectors had concerns that the mast would be:

* damaging to neighbours' health n too close to a school and a residential area

* ugly and affect the village's character

* an inappropriate location.

Objectors also said the extra equipment cabin would block drivers' views at the junction.

Binfield and Warfield councillor John Harrison told Thursday's planning and highways committee that the new mast was opposed by many residents and the parish council.

He said: "It will certainly affect the amenity of local residents by virtue of the anxiety it will cause them in that it is already causing them real worry."

He also said that the original mast was designed like a telegraph pole to blend into the background, but that the new mast would be "more visually intrusive".

And he said that an extra equipment cabinet could block drivers' views going around the bend in the road.

But planning committee chairman Cllr David Worrall said that argument was invalid because the cabinet would be further away from the corner and therefore would not affect road safety.

He said: "There are very limited powers by the council when dealing with masts to siting and design.

"The siting has been already virtually taken care of because there's one already there.

"I see no alternative but to go along with the officer's recommendation for approval."

The committee unanimously approved the application.



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