Teddyfones marketed at 4-9 year olds, despite government recommendations to the contrary

What are we going to say to Teddy?

from Karen W.
via artjar

Teddyfones marketed at 4-9 year olds are now being avertised for sale. And they're FREE. No hidden costs, just the price of calls.

Do we want Teddyfone to know what we think of this deliberate marketing strategy which will expose very young children's delicate brains to microwaves, despite government recommendations to the contrary?

Order hotline number: 0870 700 3115

They've already had one call.


Children and mobile phones


Have a "free" child-phone, complete with attitude. What a world.......

See: http://www.scarlet.nl/scarlet-one/ Disgusting, or what!!!

Approx translation: Skarlet are the simplest and most advantageous ring way and at Internet. Entirely with this breathtaking offer: Internet on double speed plus free child mobile still for only a lousy 39.95 per month! SECONDARY EDUCATION needs no subscription than KPN. You never get a better account than KPN.

Best wishes


Revised translation:

"Yes, I want Scarlet One"

Scarlet is the simplest and cheapest way to phone and surf the Internet.

Completely free with this offer: Internet on double speed plus a free child mobile all for that lousy 36,95 (euro) a month!

With Scarlet One you don't need a subscription to KPN (wired phone
operator). You will never receive another bill from KPN again.



Sorry to have been out of touch for ages and come back cynical - to me a statement about the precautionary principle will be something which will be a tick box to prevent the operators getting sued - I cant find any more information yet about what it is actually supposed to be



re teenage cancer
To: NancyEWatts@aol.com, daih@dstec.co.uk, p.h.johnson@staffs.ac.uk, liz.silver@bbc.co.uk

Not very bright these doctors, in ten years it will be an epidemic, possibly not many teenagers left.

Phil Watts


Teens 'forgotten tribe' of cancer

NICE has called for more age specific cancer facilities

Teenagers are the "forgotten tribe" of cancer victims and more research is needed to stop them dying, the UK's first Professor of Teenage Cancer says.

Tim Eden - from Manchester's Christie hospital - was appointed on Thursday.

He called for more studies into a 50% increase in incidence of the disease in young people since 1975. Six teenagers a day are now diagnosed with cancer.

Professor Eden said there were too few trials on teenagers, and their survival rates had improved less than others. Better health education for young people and health professionals about the physical warning signs of cancer was also needed, he said. Cancer 'voice' Some 2,200 adolescents die of cancer every year in the UK. The Teenage Cancer Trust (TCT), which sets up specialist care units around the country, appointed Professor Eden.

We know it will result in a better quality of life for many thousands of teenagers

Myrna Whitestone Teenage Cancer Trust

It has invested ?2.5m over 10 years to fund his team. It said the team would act as a voice on teenage cancer issues and increase research, international collaboration and clinical trial opportunities. TCT chairwoman Myrna Whiteson said: "The appointment of a TCT teenage and young adult cancer chair highlights the growing importance of this field of medicine. "It provides a focus to extend the parameters of knowledge within the field, and will hopefully lead to improved outcomes. "We know it will result in a better quality of life for many thousands of teenagers." 'Age appropriate' In August, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence said cancer services for children and young people had to be reformed. The NHS advisory body issued guidance to standardise cancer treatment for young people in England and Wales. Among its recommendations, it called for "age-appropriate facilities, provided as locally as possible". Professor Eden will be based at the University of Manchester, Christie Hospital and Central Manchester & Manchester Children's University Hospitals NHS Trust. He has worked in Christie Hospital's 13-bed Teenage Cancer Trust Unit since its founding in 1998.



Would it be a good idea if someone contacted the CTC and TIm Eden to raise the raditaion issue?

thanks sarah


Aren't they free? Good publicity stunt though. Gary we could all buy one and then cerimonially bin them !



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