2,000 dead and for what?

2000 dead and no end in sight

Village Voice
by Jarrett Murphy


They were mostly white (73 percent of them) and fewer than 50 were women. More than half were younger than 24. California, Texas, Pennsylvania, and New York are the states that lost the most soldiers. But American Samoa, Vermont, the Virgin Islands, and North Dakota suffered the most deaths per capita. ... Two-thirds were in the Army; most of the rest were Marines, and a quarter of them were reservists or National Guard members. Nearly 60 percent of those killed held ranks lower than corporal, even though they make up only 43 percent of the military. ... These are their names...


2,000 dead -- and for what?

by Pat Buchanan


By the time this column appears, the remains of the 2,000th U.S. soldier to die in a war -- that has lasted longer than World War I -- for the United States will be on the way home. And it is difficult to visualize the end of this war or the victory so often predicted and promised. Even critics now praise the successes of Bush's father: the liberation of Kuwait, unification of Germany, the deft handling of the collapse of the Soviet Empire and breakup of the Soviet Union. But the son's foreign policy is on the precipice of failure. Only a third of the nation still supports him as a war leader, while more than half believe Iraq was a mistake and we should begin to bring the troops home now. A preliminary list of winners and losers from our invasion seems to show that it is our enemies who have prospered and our friends who have suffered. As of today, the principal winner of the Iraq war is Iran...


Iraq's war dead

by staff


This week in Iraq, we reached a heart-breaking milestone: the 2,000th American soldier died in combat, fighting what we now know was always a war of choice and ideological preference. For those who opposed the invasion, it's a moment to mourn our impotence: millions of us around the world did our best to stop this bloody disaster before it started, but we failed. The real human cost, of course, is far greater than 2,000. It includes the 198 members of the 'coalition of the willing' who have died, almost 300 private contractors, 73 journalists, the 15,220 Americans who have been wounded, and the invisible dead from what the Guardian's Julian Borger called the 'extraordinarily high number of accidents, suicides and other non-combat deaths in the ranks that have gone largely unreported in the media.' And then there's the sad fact that those deceased Americans and allies are a fraction of the number of Iraqi dead...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

On the 2,000th US Death in Iraq

Fernando Suarez del Solar: Now, two years and seven months later, we have reached 2,000. 2,000 young people, each with a dream, each with enormous potential, each manipulated and deceived for immoral reasons by the group of powerful men who dragged us into a criminal war.



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