Putting The “Coming Pandemic” Into Perspective

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Putting The “Coming Pandemic” Into Perspective

By William Thomas

In Pakistan last March, as the avian bird flu virus decimated poultry across Asia, chicken vanished from home menus as families became vegetarians overnight.

Thousands of people engaged in selling chickens became unemployed.

Yet, not a single case of the feared H5NI avian flu virus had been found anywhere in the country.

By August, Turkey was the 25th country to report an H5N1outbreak— in birds. But the panic was on as governments around the globe shoved money at two giant drug firms for antibiotics completely ineffective against H5N1 at recommended doses, and a non-approved “vaccine” still in trial stages.

By October 2005, Europe was on full “bird flu alert”.

In Turkey and Romania, farmyard birds were being mass-culled.

But H5N1 is passed only to people living in close contact with infected birds. The only known human casualties were in Asia, where many households keep birds for pets, and chickens for food.

Nevertheless, France ordered enough antiviral drugs for everyone in the country— at doses too low to be effective.

Finland announced it would vaccinate its entire population against the disease— even though no vaccine was available.

Vaccine trials were underway in Melbourne, where tests showed that up to 12- times the normal vaccine dosage is needed to trigger an immune response against H5N1.

Unless a more effective replacement is found, crash vaccine programs currently underway will only be able to produce 25 million doses per year.

Once this bird flu strain mutates— which it must in order to ignite a global human pandemic— it will take another 12-18 months to develop and produce a new vaccine.

Is a planet-wiping H5N1 plague as “imminent” as the nuclear-biological attack from Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction previously reported by the same media?


As the Centers for Disease Control kept insisting:

The current risk to Americans from the H5N1 bird flu outbreak in Asia is low.

The strain of H5N1 virus found in Asia has not been found in the United States.

There have been no human cases of H5N1 flu in the United States.”


In 1997, the first case of H5N1’s spread from a bird to a human was recorded in Hong Kong.

The virus caused severe respiratory illness in 18 people, six of whom died.

In late 2003, early 2004, more than 100 million birds either died from the disease or were killed in order to control an H5N1 outbreak.

Commonly burned or buried alive, the karma from so much mass suffering cast serious doubt on eating chickens.

So far, human infections from H5N1 have been reported in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

The death rate for infected humans is an unnerving 50 percent.

But among the 100 or so people reported infected with H5N1, only 64 have died.


So far so good. Nevertheless, in yet another reprise of alarms issued every few years, the World Health Organization kept referring to a coming global flu pandemic as “inevitable”, even “imminent.” So did the UN.

That’s like saying you are certain to die in your lifetime.

Evoking the nightmare of 1918, the Times of London warned of a bird flu pandemic that could infects half the world’s population and kill “even more than the 20 to 50 million who died in the ‘Spanish flu’ of 1918-19.”

But bird flu is not spread by humans.

As the CDC kept pointing out, “Human infections with avian influenza viruses detected since 1997 have not resulted in sustained human-to-human transmission.”

This doesn’t mean a major pandemic won’t happen, of course. But it’s a little early to panic in Duluth.


Are giant drug companies trying to make us sick by deliberately releasing genetically altered germs?

Or are they just screwing up as usual?

Is there any difference in the result?

All we know for sure is that when Liu Jianlun, a laboratory scientist in Guangdong, became the first SARS victim on March 4, 2003, he was messing around with…H5N1.

This was bad enough. But last April, thousands of scientists around the planet scrambled to locate and destroy vials of a super-dangerous flu strain sent unlabelled among shipments from Meridian Bioscience in Cincinnati to nearly 5,000 labs in 18 countries— to see if their staffs were clever enough to spot it.

Luckily, someone did. H2N2 had already killed as many 4 million people.


Are we worrying about the wrong things?

“Pneumonia killed 63,000 Americans in 2000,” points out MD Marc Siegel.

Plain old influenza kills another 30,000 Americans every year. But it’s the media-hyped, “relatively minor threats” that are “widely feared.”

So what should we be concerned about?

“A reasonable worry is one that is directly tied to a real danger or impending threat,” advises Dr. Siegel.

To properly assess the bird flu threat, “Look at the statistical probability of what you are afraid of actually happening.”

That’s easy.

If you live in North America, right now— and there is only right now— the chances of bird flu killing you is zero.

William Thomas is the author of Bringing The War Home—the first fully documented book on Gulf War Illness. This article has been edited for brevity. Subscribe to Convergence Weekly, and see the fully illustrated and referenced article here.


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