Jack Straw and Condaleeza Rice Keep Such Exquisite Company


Jack Straw and Condaleeza Rice Keep Such Exquisite Company, Their Syrian Adventure Is Sure To Pay Handsome Dividends

MWM: And that about says it. These Keystone Cops are at it again pushing what the professional German Media believes is another round of bogus, manufactured evidence. How anyone can even look at these two waddle their pomp without bursting into laughter is beyond me. Modern Germans have a pretty trained ear and eye for bogusity, I would listen carefully.

What should be clear, perfectly, is that this Syrian Campaign is all a scripted operation. It has nothing to do with real facts, evidence, etc. This is an info war front which is just a precursor to a campaign to broaden conflict in the Middle East. We the people are still in extreme danger at the hands of war provateurs.

Year: 2005

[] Central witness to Mehlis report revealed as a paid swindler

Hamburg, 22 October - The most prestigious German political news-magazine, Der Spiegel, revealed today that the central witness, Zuheir al-Siddiq on whom Detlev Mehlis had relied during his investigations into the assault on Rafiq Hariri, was a dubious person with a criminal record as a convicted felon and swindler. Even the UN Commission which had submitted the Mehlis report to the UN Security Council yesterday, is raising serious doubts about the reliability and credibility of al-Siddiq's declarations, since it was revealed that the alleged former officer of the Syrian secret services had in reality been convicted more than once for penal offences related to money subtraction.

The German magazine reports that the UN investigating Commission is well aware that it had been lied by Siddiq, who at first had affirmed to have left Beirut one month before the assault on al-Hariri, but then had to admit at the end of September his direct involvement in the implementation of the crime. It is quite evident by now that the witness had received money for his depositions, considering that his siblings reveal to have received a phone-call from him from Paris, in late summer, in which Siddiq announced "I have become a millionaire". Doubts regarding the credibility of the man were further fuelled by the revelation that Siddiq had been recommended to Mehlis by the long-term Syrian renegate Rifaat al-Assad, an uncle of the Syrian President who more than once offered himself as "alternative President of Syria".

To Mehlis the central witness Siddiq is supposed to have declared that he had put his apartment in Beirut to the disposition of the conspirators to kill Hariri, among them several Syrian intelligence officials. Of himself he had declared to have gathered intelligence for the Syrian services regarding Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. But the Syrian government, revealed Der Spiegel, had sent weeks ago a documentation regarding the man to various Western governments, hoping that Detlev Mehlis would not get caught in the trap of a notorious imposter.

From Michael Mandeville


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