2004 presidential race evidence for vote miscount increasing

Please pass this on. This "history" has revisions to include the September GAO report (which recommended independent audits of vote counts in every election); and the role of the Open Voting Consortium in the study of Florida's Surprising Pattern of Election Results.

This paper will disabuse press and the public of the notion that vote fraud theories have been dismissed or debunked. The evidence for vote fraud is stronger than before because Ohio's precinct level exit poll data shows irrefutable evidence of vote miscounts!

Kathy Dopp

History of the Debate Surrounding the Validity of the 2004 Presidential Election


This historical overview is provided to aid media and the public in understanding key events and presentations from both sides of the debate surrounding the validity and accuracy of 2004 presidential election results.

(PRWEB) October 23, 2005 -- The Naional Election Data Archive has prepared a historical summary of facts and events in the ongoing debate over the validity of the 2004 presidential election and presented recommendations to ensure vote count accuracy.

Beginning with the discovery that 2004 presidential exit poll numbers were altered late during election eve and forced to match the official vote counts, through subsequent proposed explanations for the unprecedented, statistically implausible disparity between vote counts and exit polls, to the latest analyses of Ohio's precinct-level exit poll results which purports to demonstrate vote fraud, the report presents brief, simplified summaries of relevant milestones.

This report discusses surprising 2004 election results in Florida, New Mexico, Washington, and Ohio, as well as the Carter-Baker recommendations, the latest GAO report on electronic voting, and the U.S. Election Assistance Commission voting system guidelines.

Ensuring fair and accurate vote counting is an essential element of American democracy and is fundamental to each American’s right to vote. This historical overview is provided to aid media and the public in understanding what might be regarded as the most important debate of our era.

NEDA's purpose is to facilitate research of and the formulation of policies dealing with procedures that will ensure accurate vote counts; and making detailed election data and information publicly available. NEDA places particular emphasis on and will devote all of its initial resources to creating a “National Election Data Archive” project with the goal of ensuring the accuracy of U.S. elections.

The full paper "History of the Debate surrounding the 2004 Presidential Election" is available at



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