Before it Begins

Thank you for your overwhelming response to last week's message by Senator Kennedy about stopping torture. Over 25,000 of you came together to tell your Members of Congress that torture is not acceptable in the United States.

I hope we can come together now on another important issue.

With the Judiciary Committee's hearing on Harriet Miers's nomination to the Supreme Court now scheduled to begin on November 7th, America needs to know that Republicans and Democrats alike have questions of Harriet Miers. Many people are already asking those questions.

What questions do you have for Harriet Miers?


Over the past few weeks more information has been revealed about Harriet Miers, but it's nowhere near enough to make a realistic picture. Republican surrogates like James Dobson and two current Texas judges have claimed to know how she will decide certain cases.

But Harriet Miers herself remains unwilling to discuss her views or her understanding of the Constitution. Before the hearings begin, Americans need to know the huge uncertainty that exists about her views and qualifications.

We must show the country that despite the lack of any realistic record on Harriet Miers, Americans still have questions that need to be answered by her before the Senate votes on her nomination.


As the Senate prepares for the hearing, your questions will help make sure that elected leaders in Washington, D.C., know that the American people want honest answers from Harriet Miers.

The issue is especially critical, because Harriet Miers was nominated to replace Sandra Day O'Connor who was often the most critical vote on 5-4 court decisions. Miers can therefore have a powerful impact on the direction of this country on fundamental issues. The lives of every American will be affected by her decisions, and it's our duty to make sure we understand what's at stake.

What are the questions for Harriet Miers that America needs her to answer?


President Bush obviously wants Miers to be approved, no matter what questions Americans have about her.

But this time the questions are coming from Republicans as well as Democrats -- we need to make sure that the people's voices are heard.

Thank you so much for being part of this essential issue.


Marty Walsh

Informant: Martin Greenhut


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