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Tuesday, October 14, 2005

If my regular readers will excuse me for a moment, I don't want to preach to the choir today. No offense intended, please. I just think it's the right time to re-open a dialog with the folks who supported George W. Bush. At least the Bush voters I know are fine, decent folk I find in them no ill-will, no evil intent and they are no smarter or dumber than the rest of us. But we stopped talking a long time ago and when we interact now we tend to just sneer and jab at one another. We call their guy "dumb" and "a liar." And they reply by reminding us that the last guy we sent to the Oval Office was adulterer and a liar.

It's all so tiresome, not to mention unproductive. So let's just clear the air – we're both right.

But Bill Clinton is long gone and Hillary has about as much chance of becoming President as I do of becoming the next Pope. So talking about them is a waste of both our times. But George W. Bush is with us for another three years. That's why I believe it's time we started talking again, talking about what we can do, together. [...] Read it all at //newsforreal.blogspot.com/ You will have to scroll down to the piece, which is under October 18.

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