Tell Dr. Rice and the Bush Administration that we can't just "stay the course"

From: Barbara Boxer <info@pacforachange.com>
To: Martin Greenhut <martyg@bcn.net>
Subject: Last chance to deliver a message!

Next Wednesday, I'll personally be delivering our Iraq petition to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and the Bush Administration, demanding a concrete success strategy with a timetable and milestones that will bring our troops home.

Already, you and more than 93,000 other Americans have signed our Iraq petition -- and with your help, we can break 100,000 signatures. But to do it, I need you to take action now.

Invite your friends and family to join more than 93,000 Americans who are demanding a success strategy for Iraq from Condoleezza Rice and the Bush Administration!


On Wednesday, Dr. Rice will be coming to Capitol Hill to testify about Iraq before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Through the delivery of our petition and questioning by Senators, this is our opportunity to demand the answers about Iraq that the American people deserve.

It's time for a credible plan and timetable to bring American troops home. It's time for details about how Iraqi troops will take our place. And it's time to honor our soldiers the right way -- by giving them the equipment they need while they are deployed, and the health care they deserve when they come home.

That's the message we're sending to Condoleezza Rice and the Bush Administration. And that's the message I hope you'll help me deliver next week. But you've only got a few days left to act.

Tell Dr. Rice and the Bush Administration that we can't just "stay the course" -- invite everyone you know to sign our Iraq petition now!

Thank you for standing with me on this. With 1,974 brave American troops killed and 14,362 others wounded, we can't stay silent.

In Friendship,

Barbara Boxer

Invite your friends and family to sign our Iraq petition now!


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