Are low-frequency electromagnetic fields a health hazard?

Two of the trustees for this EMF Biological Research Trust (a "Charity") are identified as being associated with National Grid. Note "the real concerns expressed in the abstract from the seminar!!! Take care - Joanne

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Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci. 2005 Jun 29;360(1458):1223-30.

The Bernal Lecture 2004 are low-frequency electromagnetic fields a health hazard?

Crumpton MJ.

Scientific Advisory Committee, The EMF Biological Research Trust, South Croydon, UK. brt@emfields.demon.co.uk

Electric power is an essential commodity of the developed world, and is critical to the continuing progress of our technology-based society, as well as to the growth of less privileged societies. In contrast to its overwhelming benefits, there is a suspicion that the magnetic component of the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) associated with power distribution and electrical appliances has adverse health effects, especially a small increased incidence of childhood leukaemia. The possibility that environmental EMFs represent a health hazard has serious economic implications for government, the electricity industry and society, as well as raising several profound scientific challenges, including, in particular, biophysical mechanisms, experimental replication and scientific uncertainty. These challenges are explored in relation to the experiences of the EMF Biological Research Trust, a UK medical research charity which funds basic research on the biological effects of extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF-EMFs). As judged from these experiences, at the present time there is no compelling experimental evidence that environmental ELF-EMFs induce biological responses.

PMID: 16147518 [PubMed - in process]


Accessed via PubMed 10-12-05 for EMR Leukemia file/jcmueller/guinea pigs r us

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ALSO: From EMF Biological Research Trust website (10-12-05 for jcmuellerLeukFile): http://www.emfbrt.org/

EMF Biological Research Trust is a UK-based medical research charity which funds basic research on the biological effects of the environmental extremely-low-frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF EMF) commonly associated with the distribution of electric power. It is funded by donations from National Grid Transco plc. The research programme is recommended and administered by a Scientific Advisory Committee, which is independent of the electricity supply industry. The Trust encourages publication of results of the work it funds and the content of such publications is entirely the responsibility of grantholders. The trust is a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities.

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ALSO: From National Grid website (10-12--05 for jcmuellerLeukFile): http://finance.yahoo.com/q/pr?s=ngg

National Grid plc, a utility company, engages in the transmission and distribution of electricity and gas in the United Kingdom and the United States. It owners and operates gas and electricity transmission and gas distribution networks in the United Kingdom and the United States, and electricity distribution networks in the United States. The company owns and operates the high-voltage electricity system in England and Wales, and the high pressure gas transmission system in Britain. It also owns electricity transmission systems in the northeastern U.S. and manages a range of electricity transmission operations for utilities in the U.S. Midwest. National Grid had a gas transmission network comprised of approximately 4,300 miles of high pressure national transmission pipelines; the U.K. gas distribution system of approximately 82,000 miles of distribution pipelines; the U.S. electricity transmission systems of approximately 14,000 circuit miles of transmission and subtransmission lines; and the U.S. electricity and gas distribution systems of approximately 72,000 circuit miles of electric distribution lines located on rights-of-way in New England and New York, and approximately 8,500 miles of gas distribution pipelines located on rights-of-way in New York, as of March 31, 2005. National Grid distributes electricity in the northeastern U.S. to approximately 3.3 million customers and gas in upstate New York to approximately 565,000 customers. In addition, it provides infrastructure and related services in areas, such as wireless network infrastructure for broadcast and mobile telephones, metering, grain liquefied natural gas import, interconnectors, and property. The company was formerly known as National Grid Transco plc and changed its name to National Grid plc in July 2005. National Grid plc is based in London.



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