Planners vote against mobile mast

Hutchinson 3G said the mast was only temporary

Council chiefs have turned down a retrospective planning application for a temporary mobile phone mast in Aberystwyth.

The 15-metre structure was put up by Hutchinson 3G near homes and schools without permission in June.

The company will now have to dismantle the mast, although it does have an option to appeal against the decision.

Hutchinson 3G said it would not comment until it had discovered why the application had been turned down.

A petition and 26 letters opposing the mast were sent to Ceredigion Council after it was erected 30 or 40 metres away from homes and more than 300 metres away from three schools.

But Hutchinson 3G said the mast has not been switched on and that any level of emissions would be "minute".

County councillor Paul James said he was "delighted" with the planning committee's decision on Wednesday.

"I think the planning committee made the right decision. It was not about teaching them (Hutchinson 3G) a lesson, the mast was just visually obtrusive," he said.

Verity Stanford of Hutchinson 3G said: "We will wait for the decision notice from the council and then review the reasons behind the decision before we make further comment."

The schools, more than 300 metres away, claimed they had not been informed about the development.

Hutchinson 3G said they had not contacted them because they were beyond the distance that they normally consulted.

Ceredigion Council said last week that it was not illegal to erect the mast without permission but was unauthorised.



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