First we celebrate two victories. Our California participants used the system we created specifically for them to send messages to their individual members of the CA legislature and the governor to help get SB 370 PASSED AND SIGNED, a pioneering voter verified paper audit trail bill that can now serve as the model for the rest of the country.

Second, the Senate approved 90-9 a provision to constrain the Bush administration from continuing their policy of illegal international torture, another alert where we also had many submissions. We will follow up with another action to override a presidential veto if necessary. Outside of Bush, who will listen to nobody but a sentencing judge at the conclusion of his war crimes trial, this proves any member of any party can be moved if they hear from enough of their constituents. We will claim all victories just as soon as each and every one of our participants will RESPOND TO AND SUBMIT EACH AND EVERY ALERT you receive from us.

TAKE ACTION NOW TO STOP MIERS AT http://www.nocrony.com

or try http://www.usalone.com/formhelp2.htm#pet2 (if you can't through on the main action page above)


The Republican National Committee and the White House held a joint mobilizing conference call to rally their most extreme right wing supporters behind Harriet Miers, their "get out of conviction on appeal" free card. We have prepared a rush transcript. Here is a typically chilling quote:

"He and she [the president and Miers] both understand that if she were to get on the court, and she were to rule in ways that are contrary to the way the president would want her to approach her role as a justice, it would be a deep personal betrayal, and would be perceived as such both by him and by her." [full transcript at http://www.nocrony.com]

This is absolutely nothing more than a patently crony nomination, and is perceived by even its supporters as exactly that and being sold as such. It is a matter of the utmost urgency that you communicate to your senators that this nomination is not worthy of any consideration at all on that basis alone. As if our members of Congress had not sold the people so far down the river already, do we really need ANOTHER lockstep administration loyalist on our Supreme Court?

And leading the charge once again to give away the farm is Harry Reid, who said "I'm very happy we have someone like her." At least Neville Chamberlain didn't say how happy he was that Poland was invaded. Reid must be removed immediately from any leadership role, as he is now compromised beyond any possible redemption. We need someone who will STAND UP against these outrages, not a cheerleader for the other side. While we are opposing Miers we must also tell our senators that Reid has GOT TO GO as minority leader.

TAKE ACTION NOW TO STOP MIERS AT http://www.nocrony.com

or try http://www.usalone.com/formhelp2.htm#pet2 (if you can't through on the main action page above)

We all know how much the reactionaries love their talking points. Here are ours:


Have we not seen the disaster wrought by installation of hardcore administration cronies in positions of the highest responsibility? Must our Supreme Court go the way of New Orleans? There are many jobs in this world where you have to qualify to even GET a job interview. Surely a seat on our Supreme Court is one of them. Some say they need to hear what she has to say. That is just more of the same surrender babble, and is based on two false premises, that we don't ALREADY know where Miers stands, and that she will disclose anything meaningful under examination. There is nothing coming but another Roberts' style stonewall, and for all those reasons we say NO HEARING.


It's time to fight for what we really want on principle. It's time for those who would presume to represent us to take up that fight. And the American people will tolerate NO MORE extremist far right appointees to our Supreme Court. Every day Bush's popularity rating sinks to a new record low. It is only his totally corrupt party caucus, now with a temporary majority in the House of Representatives, that has prevented the initiation of impeachment proceedings already for his incompetence and malfeasance. We the people demand that any further nominees be no worse than true MODERATES. That's our position and we're sticking to it.



Using the constituent submission technology we are sharing with them, VelvetRevolution.com is spearheading the campaign to support HR 550, the Rush Holt bill that:

(1) establishes a requirement for a voter verified paper ballot created for every vote cast;

(2) establishes a mandatory uniform national standard that states that the voter verified paper ballot -- the only record verified by the voter rather than the voting machine -- is the vote of record in the case of any inconsistency with electronic records;

(3) provides Federal funding to pay for implementation of voter verified paper balloting;

(4) requires a percentage of mandatory random audits in every state, and in each county, for every Federal election;

(5) prohibits use of undisclosed software, wireless communication devices, and internet connections in voting machines;

(6) is required to be fully implemented by 2006; and

(7) protects the accessibility mandates of the Help America Vote Act.

Send your message to Congress supporting HR 550 and with the one click form you can send a letter to the editor of your nearest daily newspaper at the same time


This is a perfect compliment to the ground-breaking California SB 370 which our participants were so instrumental in helping to get enacted into law. Read what the California Election Protection Network had to say about the work of our participants:

"I hope you just received my email moments ago informing you that SB 370 was signed by Schwarzenegger."

"Your incredible efforts and magnificent petition must have played some large role in this victory."

"Just Thank you doesn't even touch my gratitude."

"Your efforts and magnanimity are truly heroic!"

Let us now build on the momentum of this glorious victory in California to bring justice and transparency to all voting systems nationwide. First we must BELIEVE we can win. The rest is easy. Make it so at


Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.

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