Danes have gone scared of liability over health damage claims of UMTS3G masts

Danes have gone scared of liability over health damage claims of UMTS3G masts

Danish Government gives away new CDMA licence for free Denmark

Created: 7 Oct 2005

There is a new sport in Danish government: attempting to minimize liability by giving away new telecom licences

The Danish government is apparently wising up to the fact that having sold telecom licenses for billions might cause the health problems surrounding mobile phones and masts to blow up in their faces - so now the government is practically giving away new licenses for free.

Nordisk Mobiltelefon, a newcomer telecom in Denmark, has just recieved a free license to deploy a CDMA-450 network. CDMA-450 technology is similar to the technology behind 3G/UMTS and can offer similar services but it requires fewer basestations as it operates on a far lower radio frequency than 3G/UMTS. Slower radiowaves travel further and CDMA-450 operates on 450MHz, while 3G/UMTS operates around 2000MHz. This allows CDMA-450 basestations to cover larger areas. CDMA-450 is deployed in USA, Brazil, China, South Korea and Japan.

3G operator "3" has expressed heavy frustration in the Danish press that the government is giving away licences to new competitors.

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Gill and friends

The microwave range is the carrier frequency, and the lower (nearer 300MHz bottom of the range) the more penetrative the radiation is. TETRA, for example is around 380MHz. 450MHz isn't available for mobile phones in the UK.

The harm may be in the signal structure as much as the raw microwaves. The carrier is sent with certain patterns. The pulsed frequencies, or control channel frequencies (the markers so the bits don't get lost) are at extremely low frequencies, and these ELFs are what is blamed for the microwaves having the effect they do. We know in medicine, for example, that the pulsing makes the microwave frequencies more potent. (Pulsed EMFs are used for healing bones etc.)


450MHz is the microwave carrier, constant

ELF (100Hz and also 1kHz for 3G; 217 Hz and 4 and 8Hz for GSM; 70 Hz and 17Hz for TETRA) is a pattern in the constant carrier, and is also pretty constant. In 3G the low frequencies get masked the busier the mast gets, and are revealed more when not busy (eg at night)

The American Embassy affair was not a mobile phone signal. It was an example of modulated microwaves, but whilst showing us that microwaves can affect people, I do not believe it is a particularly useful example in the masts argument, when there is so much else we can use that is of more direct comparison.




The trouble is they've seen it all many times over the years. Hewitt asks DoH, DoH asks HPA, HPA concurs with WHO. Problem solved: we're hysterics and there is no problem.

So far there is no proof, because 'proof', as we have discussed before, is in the eye of the beholder. There are only degrees of certainty. If we ran our lives on the same degree of certainty demanded for risk from phones and masts, we wouldn't get out of bed, and would be scared about staying in bed!! What we can demonstrate is clear research showing positive results, indicating a need for particular precaution, on good grounds. What we can act on is the ethics of doubt: can we seriously allow the mass experiment, and what is the potential cost?

What we need is to pressure over such things as criticisms of the Naila study: why not co-operate to improve the analysis? Or the work showing DNA breaks and enzyme interactions: why is the work "faulted" whereas work not showing these things is faultless? We need independent blood studies of several kinds to be funded, not avoided. Because peer reviewed studies show blood effects. etc. The argument is not one of proof, over which all reasonable people will say "gosh yes; I didn't realise", because the motivators are not truth and care.

I'm sure there is much more of this to follow soon...



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