Siting of Orange Telecommunication Mast, Avon Ring Road, Bromley Heath.


You could try complaining to the ombudsman…. If you asked to be notified they should have done it .. lets be honest they could hardly forget you so I expect it was accidentally on purpose. I may have the same problem here except I cant find the letter I wrote to ask them to notify me if a particular site came up for re consideration ( the mast went up 2 weeks ago)

Looking at the response.. why were you only given 14 days? If it was received on the date of a meeting and brought up them for discussion and agreement then there WAS NO public consultation….

Id wait for david to comment but isn’t this a potential jr? not based upon health just right to object.. are they within time still David?

Def an ombudsman and a lot of media attention.

Cheers and sorry!



Unfortunately, most of the exchanges appear to have been with the Parish Council which, to be honest, has no real say in the process. The PC is asked merely to submit its view (either an 'objection' or a 'no objection') with the decision to permit or refuse the application entirely in the hands of the Local Planning Authority. With this in mind, and the fact that the PC clearly did not consult parishioners, I find the note congratulating Orange on the location of the mast quite preposterous.

The 14 day notice is a bit of a red herring. The LPA (South Gloucestershire Council) must advertise the proposal via local newspaper and site notice, giving members of the public 21 days in which to submit representations - there is no statutory requirement for the PC to do anything. It was the LPA that the Badminton Road Action Group should have been dealing with. That said, the Lib Dem councillor who voted for the masts displays his ignorance. A subsequent appeal would only cost 'too much' if it were (i) submitted, (ii) taken forward via Public Inquiry (a 10% chance), (iii) 'allowed', and (iv) the Inspector considered, in allowingh the appeal, that the LPA had acted unreasonably in refusing theoriginal application. Not sufficient grounds, I submit, for councillors denying the local electorate their due support.

Against this background, I doubt that there's much that can be done - other than to embarrass the PC, of course. Sorry.




Thanks for this. Incidentally we asked South Gloucestershire Council to notify us of any impending mast planning applications in our area and they said it was the Parish Council's obligation to do this, not theirs. That is why we asked the Parish Council to notify us originally. They agreed to do so and subsequently failed in this small task. I will of course be embarrassing the Parish Council. Indeed I had a letter published in the Bristol Evening Post on Saturday! Makes me feel a bit better anyway.



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