Civilization to End Soon, Does Anybody Care?

by Tate Ulsaker

Civilization as we know it is coming to an end soon. This is not the wacky conclusion of a religious cult but rather the result of diligent analysis sourced by hard data and the insiders who study global “Peak Oil” and related geo-political events. If you remember nothing else from this article, remember this: Your self-indulgent coma is the only real slave master. You do have control over your future. About 99% of the people who read this will learn about Peak Oil for the first time. We have our mass media and “public servants” to thank for that. However, you have the power to learn enough in one day to make a difference between life and death to your loved ones. You owe it to yourself to become educated about Peak Oil. Getting started is simple; just do a word-search on “post-oil civilization” or “Peak Oil” for example. Print whatever you understand and educate your family and friends. Do it today. Your life may depend upon it.

http://www.dieoff.com/ - Highly recommended resource for laymen http://www.asponews.org/
http://www.energycrisis.org http://www.greatchange.org/dinosaurblood.html http://www.fromthewilderness.com/free/ww3/#oil http://www.museletter.com/partys-over.html
http://www.eia.doe.gov/Peak Oil, Peak Population and Peak Domination

Oil, the blood of our economy is running dry, threatening every nation, industry, product, and job with cataclysmic overhaul. The world has already consumed about half of the total recoverable oil. From here on out, greater populations will continue to demand more of the ever-dwindling and irreplaceable resource, driving living costs higher, placing most of the world into a fight for survival. Most people alive now don’t realize how important oil is in their life. From cheap energy came cheap food and from cheap food came you and I and our self-indulgent lifestyles. Long ago, net consuming governments crafted a “cheap energy policy” in order to bring about economic prosperity, a one-time golden age. During this age we exalted our power as individuals with motors and electronic devices and products from far off lands. When this age is finished, we will return to the family and to nature. We will again work by the sweat of our brow. Unfortunately, before that happens, we should first endure the coming “population correction” unlike anything in the history of mankind. Starting slowly now and increasing with intensity along with the price of oil, billions of people will return to sustenance living, eating and burning whatever they can find.

When people are angry, politicians have one or two choices: lock them up or fight them against an enemy. Politicians will attempt to shift the blame to an energy grid, terrorism, or any other “fightable” source. We can’t fight peak oil but don’t worry, our leaders will find a “victorious” war for us. Just don’t expect to learn the truth from them. No Substitute for Oil Contrary to popular legend, a viable alternative to the portable power of oil hasn’t materialized. Electricity is not efficient; units of storage are too bulky. Solar panels are even more inconvenient and they cost more energy to create than they give during their entire lifetime. Despite pop-science affection, hydrogen and hybrid fuels are too energetically expensive to produce and so will not substitute oil. Coal, natural gas and nuclear energy require the use of rapidly diminishing resources as well, and none of them are a viable alternative to oil anyway. Wind and waves are continuous sources of power but will hardly jumpstart our oil-addicted economy. In short, we are soon to be without cheap fuel for our engines to burn.

At this point, most people immediately cling to the well-worn mantra: “Oh, they will think of something.” But think for a moment whether “they” are public servants at your service or whether you are “their” public slave at their economic slaughterhouse.

The OPEC crossover point in world oil production. Duncan and Youngquist. http://www.dieoff.com/page133.htm The above chart clearly shows why we have a war in Iraq. While terrorism is a clear and present danger, war is being used primarily as a tool to position against a post-hyper-carbon-burning world. Who Are Our Masters? A war is waging between net consumers and net suppliers of oil. Western counties are net consumers of oil. Western countries would like to maintain superior geo-political hegemony against net supplier countries. The chess board is simplified on the top, where all the action is, because leadership is being bought on all sides by International Bankers and Financiers (Globalists, New World Order proponents) who have owned the American political spectrum since at least 1913. They triangulate above this war, and seek to organize a one-world monopoly government. Their deadline for world domination approaches as peak oil threatens to unravel their power base. The best way for a leader of today to stay in power is to form a world government, hoard resources, rule over a fiefdom of dying serfs while living in relative luxury, and blame as many convenient outside causes as is possible. In his article “Neo-Conned” by Dr. Ron Paul, Congressman from Texas, we learn that our current American Presidency has more in common with the Third Reich than with the traditional conservative movement. As a registered Republican, I can affirm with Ron Paul that the Republican Party once stood for small and non-intrusive government and strong constitution-based laws. While having some fundamental differences with the Democratic Party, both parties sought social justice at the heart of their constituency. But what we have with the “Neo-Cons” of the Bush administration, according to Ron Paul (and others) is the worst of both worlds: A big corporate-based government and military machine seeking a police state and a New World Order with America at the helm. Officials within the Bush Administration have written strategic papers on international policy using the term “Pax Americana” meaning US dominance in the world for purposes furthering global government. Not to be ignored, US domestic policy calls for strict laws leaning towards a police state. What better way to solidify the base at home than to throw people who demonstrate against the government into camps as terrorists? Hey, when the starvation riots begin, leadership will have to defend itself, right? But as they prepare of your starvation riots, most of the world is still running on the treadmill of consumerism and self-indulgent lifestyles as lemmings going over a Norwegian Fjord. Bush is not our master, but his masters in the International Financial Cabal are our masters. They rule over all parties, not just Bush or Clinton. Their power to print fiat money insures their worldly position. Also, their power is in a stupid and complacent society of self-indulgent dolts. So wake yourself up and awaken your family and neighbor. Your coma of ignorance is life threatening. The Coming World-Wide Holocaust Today, we have 6 billion people on earth. Without oil, the earth will support 2-3 billion tops, and only if we stop desecrating our environment right now. For as long as oil prices remain artificially cheap, we will continue to multiply until the feared “supply cliff” arrives. When that happens, our materialistic Industrial Civilization will have a head-on crash with the Stone Age on steroids. Avoiding this is hardly possible. The only way to reduce starvation, wars, pestilence and cannibalism at this point is to raise the price of oil right now, forcing change earlier.


Informant: doug haddix


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