Act now to stop Big Oil's post-hurricane land grab

The House is moving new energy bills that would let the oil industry drill in the Arctic Refuge, plunder our coastal waters, and evade pollution controls. The first critical vote will come this Friday!

We need your support to mobilize the public against this onslaught.

Congressional leaders are bent on turning September's hurricanes into a massive windfall of profits and land grabs for the oil industry -- and they are in a frenzy to pass these taxpayer rip-offs into law!

The House of Representatives is moving two new energy bills that would exploit our national tragedy in order to fulfill the fondest dreams of the oil giants: to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge . . . to plunder America's coastal waters . . . and to evade pollution controls on their smog-spewing refineries.

Tell your Representative to vote NO on these shameless giveaways to the oil lobby.

And please make a donation right now so that the NRDC Action Fund can run hard-hitting ads, arm the media with the facts, and mobilize maximum public pressure on key members of the House of Representatives. We urgently need your support to stop these disastrous bills.

With massive oil spills still choking Gulf Coast wetlands to death, it is practically obscene that Congress would be rushing to hand over the rest of our coastal inheritance to the oil giants.

Yet the House Resources Committee, chaired by Rep. Richard Pombo (R-CA), is moving a bill that would open our most spectacular and protected marine environments -- off Florida, New England and California -- to a blight of oil platforms and the threat of oil spills. The Pombo Energy Bill would also sacrifice the irreplaceable Arctic Refuge to oil drilling.

Meanwhile, the House Energy Committee is rushing "The Gasoline Act of 2005" (H.R. 3893) to a floor vote. It would excuse oil companies from a key provision of the Clean Air Act, allowing them to dramatically increase air pollution. This bill will be voted on this Friday!

These bills have nothing to do with helping hurricane victims, nor will they lower gas prices. They are a grab bag of pro-polluter policies so extreme, they didn't make it into last summer's Bush-Cheney energy bill.

The oil companies raked in more than $1 trillion last year by fleecing us at the gas pump. Now their cronies in Congress would hand them our greatest natural treasures as well.

Let's stop this travesty now. Tell your Representative to vote NO on these offensive bills.


And please make a generous online donation to help the NRDC Action Fund move swiftly to build a nationwide outcry against this onslaught.


John H. Adams
NRDC Action Fund

Informant: Martin Greenhut


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