Who Killed Cock Robin?

You may be interested in a little tongue-in-cheek (but deadly serious) item I have put on my website at http://www.starweave.com/robin

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(Link entitled "Who Killed Cock Robin? The Buck Stops - Where??"



Iris: Yes, Grahme "is deadly serious" -- his comments re the white stork and their "psychosomatic problems" really hit home with me! Grahame's poetry "paints a picture" of the unfolding tragedies.......

I remember the shocked expressions on more than one vet when she/he diagnosed asthma in my guinea pigs...... I also remember the surprise in the vet's voice when she phoned to tell me about the lab test results on my guinea pigs. She knew severe neutropenia and hypersegmented neutrophils" (slowed DNA synthesis) were profound changes due to extreme stress. The vet had agreed to participate in my studies and knew my grandsons had improved dramatically when moved away from electric meter walls -- the same type of location for the guinea pig cage. I vividly recall the difficulty and pain involved in arranging for a necropsy each time a guinea pig died -- two within a month of exposure........ The "psychological effect" on the vet and myself was significant!!!"

It is too difficult at this time to write about "all the psychological pain" involved in regard to two grandsons who were diagnosed with rare immune.....the question as to whether we had lost children in the family.......the reality of being told they may develop Leukemia, Lymphoma, stomach or colon cancer and many other aspects of the struggle to save their lives which you and others fighting for the rights of humans to live in safe, peaceful environments have heard about many times over.

Anger still stirs when I recall one of my adorable grandson's experience of being given "time out" whenever he choked while trying to eat. Fortunately my daughter, his mom, may have tried this only once before her "common sense" took over and she recognized the insanity of removing food from the tray of her tiny 14 month old as he struggled to overcome effects of the "silent, invisible threat" (the EMR from the electric meter close to his "comfy bed").

You won't be surprised to learn there was no further contact with the psychiatrist although my tiny, blonde-haired, little grandson with wondeering, intelligent, blue eyes was too young to know that his reaction to food going down his throat wasn't his fault and it also wasn't his fault that his dad stopped going out to dinner as a family........

"Genuine fear" sets in also when a desperate, loving mom, accompanied by an equally loving, frantic and desperate grandmother carry on a search for a doctor -- a "new specialist" to help diagnose the health problems that resulted from his "rare immune deficiency." Before the diagnosis of the rare immune, we often considered the fact we might be looked at as having Munchausen's Syndrome with the realization we could actually be accused of "causing his problems!"

The doctors were correct! We were "causing his problems! {Identical scenario was being played out with another grandson but with his mom, my daughter-in-law and son.]

We had placed his "comfy crib" up against his bedroom wall that was opposite the electric meter! We were "killing him" and NO ONE told us the chronic, prolonged exposure to the EMF/EMR from the electric meter was causing chronic inflammation -- the beginning of the precancerous process!!! We didn't even know there was an electric meter on the outside of his bedroom wall nor did we have any reason to make sure his bed was not placed against a "powerwall."

We made special efforts to place him securely in his car seat (required by law) whenever he was transported from doctor to doctor. Special emphasis and even literature was supplied by the nurses when he was finally taken home from the hospital (a pre-mature infant) regarding "proper car seats," etc.

His breathing was being monitored by a little machine from strips taped to his chest while he slept in his "comfy crib" -- all the while he was "being assaulted" by action of the house electric meter and its EMF/EMR pollution that NO ONE told us to be concerned about!!!!

I haven't heard that mine canaries were suspected of "suffering psychosomatic problems" but as EMF Guru, Roy Beavers, wrote some time ago, "the canaries are dying from EMF/EMR" [not verbatim] -- the signs are everywhere and the evidence is mounting the "real problems" are more of "a criminal nature" due to lies, cover-ups, misleading information, minimization of facts and the outrght "suppression of facts and information!!!" Best wishes to you and all fighting the "EMR cause" and "special thanks" to Grahme Blackwell for his insightful work!!! Take care - Joanne

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