Confounders: the more they throw out, the "better our case"

From: JCMPelican@aol.com
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 13:04:40 EST
To: Olle Johansson

Dear Olle: My email response was too rushed and you obviously know what I continue to say re inflammation and all.

Robert has experienced many of the problems within his family that I have experienced. It is often difficult, as you know only too well, but all efforts whether blaming statins, chocolate, coffee, too much exercise, not enough exercise, fast foods, medications other than statins, too many supplements, too much sun, etc., etc. ALL play into "our bottom line....!!!"

It sure is a great feeling to be on the "side of truth......!" Joanne

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From: Robert Riedlinger
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 09:55:55 -0800
To: JCMPelican@aol.com

I talked with my sister in Alberta and she told me there was a news item on powerline ELF and the harmful effects.She said it showed a guy with instruments metering different areas and there was mention of EMF causing leukemia etc. It was on Global TV. I missed it darn. If got my sister thinking .She called me the next morning telling me how right I have been the truth is gradually seeping out

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Dear Robert: You are "exactly right!!!" The government is having news media announce this and that is dangerous because there is some truth in everything. WE just keep on"making lemonade!!!!"

I believe strongly too that one of the reasons we hear one day don't drink coffee and a month later coffee is the greatest. Same w/ chocolate...... lots of other things as you are saying whether food or in the case ofthe boy w/jerking movements. I will send another comment in a separate email re that if I remember.

They are "not going to win" because inflammation is responsible for promoting cellular changes regardless of the cause (short version of explanation). We can admit and say, "yes, it is true that too much of this or that is not good......because "everything that stresses promotes inflammation. We can let each person have a little say about their particular subject they are blaming BUT, the evidence is "indisputable" that low does radiation whether ionizing or nonionizing, causes inflammation."

What I am rushing (sorry always the case) to say is that no matter what any "confounders are," we can add "yes," and that is the reason for concern about electric appliances, electrical wiring, cell antennae and other telecommunications' pollution, high voltage powerlines, etc. -- the "bottom line is....." EMF/EMR multiplies the effects of any other substance that stresses the immune system therefor promoting inflammation that is the beginning of the precancerous process.

We are not trying to "twist the truth," WE are TELLING THE WHOLE TRUTH. They can't and WON'T WIN because they are being dishonest and throwing out to the media "half truths to broadcast to the world" but WE KNOW how to tell the world WHY chronic, prolonged exposures [This will be explained in detail in book by Olle, Marjorie and me "Inflammation and EMF/EMR. The statements re inflammation are "the bottom line" they can't "squirm out of.".] -- chronic exposures whether "excess of anything" or "eating or taking this or that" -- basically anything that stresses a person, promotes inflammation. We can already prove EMF/EMR promotes inflammation and it isa well-known fact that low dose, ionizing radiation promotes inflammation.

"THEY are frantically running in circles!!!" "THEY are running into themselves!!!" "THEY WON'T WIN!!!"

The "fight as you know" can be devastating at times promoting encouragement one day only to fall into depression the next. Light is at the end of the tunnel for all to see and the lights we are holding get brighter each day in spite of an "occasional flicker......" Have a great day and take care!!! Joanne [1-17-06]


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