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Iris: "Yes," it is extremely important to consider effects from cellular exposures, but to do that alone, without including information as to numbers of persons who are also sleeping close to electrical appliances/device, electric meters and/or who have high frequencies riding on their electrical wiring and possible problems due to improper grounding, etc., the results of such an epidemiological study would potentially overlook even more problematic exposures.

While persons obviously are sleeping in bedrooms that may very well be polluted by RF and unnatural frequencies emanating from telecommunications antennae as well as high voltage powerlines, etc., and such exposures may be responsible for many symptoms of ES/EHS, such a study, by itself, with a focus on cellular issues would, in my "non-expert opinion," have the potential of diverting attention away from the likelihood that many such persons are perhaps being even more directly and possibly even more seriously affected by the unhealthy EMF/EMR environment immediately surrounding their beds.

As I often point out, this does not in any way mean to imply that cellular antennae, transmission lines, etc. are not associated with the numerous symptoms of ES/EHS but rather, it is "imperative" that nighttime exposures re "close proximity and chronic, prolonged exposures," be evaluated whether epidemiological studies or laboratory studies re cellular issues, powerlines, etc.

A much clearer picture will evolve as to "levels of toxicity" when such considerations are made, I believe......... Take care and thanks for pointing out that EMF/EMR continues to be left out of these increasing studies re "the decline of the human and animal health!!!" Joanne

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