Company removes banners

A CAMPAIGNING mum says she will paint her fence with slogans after her protest banners were removed.

Karen Kelly, 47, of Manor Crescent, off Akers Way, Moredon, wants a mobile phone mast moved from outside her home.

On Tuesday Mrs Kelly and other local protesters put banners up around the 45m O2 mast, which has not yet gone live.

But yesterday she returned home from shopping at lunchtime to see the banners being taken down and put into a van by a workman from the company.

"When we put them up I thought they might get pulled down by children," she said. "But I was amazed when I saw them being taken down. It must have touched a nerve."

Mrs Kelly is worried about the health risks of having a mast so near her home. She has two children Summer, eight, and Morgan, 12. Morgan has an auto-immune condition which makes him susceptible to disease.

Now she says she is going to put up more banners in a bid to keep her campaign going.

A spokeswoman for O2 confirmed the banners had been taken down but said the mast was a key part of the network in Swindon and that most people accepted you cannot have mobile phones without having masts.

The firm has said it has to rely on current research, which says there are no health risks.

No health risks?!


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