Air Quality and Allergies

Commenting on John's letter regarding EMF, air quality and allergies, I think degraded air quality as a result of the EMF may be part of the entire picture, but it does not jive with my own experience. I developed a miserable allergy to cryptomeria pollen, a condition affecting at least one in five urbanites in Japan now, when I was living in a second-story apartment with power lines outside and commuting six or seven hours a day on trains with strong ELF exposure and increasing levels of RF as cell phones came into use.

While living in that apartment, my allergy was so severe that my passport photo, taken in April, looks like I was crying. Moving into a first-story apartment and reducing my commuting improved my condition. So far, that jives with John's hypothesis. However, as I became aware of EMF's adverse effects on my health, I decided to try wearing a foil-lined hat to see if it would help. The hat has become permanent. A couple of years ago, I stitched up a new hat for myself, intending to use it merely as an insert under more fashionable hats, hiding the foil under cloth so I wouldn't look like such a goofball. It was somewhat more encompassing than the foil I'd been lining my hats with before, but I wasn't expecting anything spectacular. So I was not anticipating these things but the benefits are clear now:

1) fewer and less severe bouts of arrhythmia,
2) far fewer colds (I used to be terrified of young children because they would inevitably give me a cold, but now I teach toddlers and don't get ill even when others around me are suffering), and
3) very little suffering from the allergy, such that this year I wore no face mask and took no medication.

Meanwhile, more people around me continue to come down with this allergy and suffer more and more from it.

There are studies linking allergies to poor air quality, especially pollutants from diesel engines. Therefore there are new laws restricting diesel-powered vehicles in Tokyo. I think air quality is part of the whole picture, but I don't think my foil-lined hat improves air quality. I am also aware of recent research on EMF and allergies, showing a link. I hope this will eventually be acknowledged, so that more people who are suffering terribly now can be helped.

Yours truly,
Pat Ormsby

Could wireless affect air quality?


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