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I have received a formal request to attend a MOA meeting on the 9th Dec 2004 in London, they have set it out as a key stakeholders meeting for a maximum of 35 key stakeholders. I have naturally declined and I would hope that anyone else receiving an invite follows the same tact. My view is simple we cannot be seen to be giving credibility to MOA and their policy tactics of the 10 Commitments and the Traffic Light Scheme. This is the second meeting I have refused to attend on the same grounds, the arguments in my reply are: "....... unless you are prepared as an organisation to discuss a time table for the removal of inappropriately sited installations, when you are prepared to discuss the implementation of a statutory regulation scheme to replace the so called but totally arbitrary ten commitments and a commitment to a tax on all mobile phone calls of 1p per minute to fund independent research, then and only then will I be prepared to attend any meeting with either MOA or any individual operator....."

I ask that every activist says no to attending these meetings. DON'T GIVE THEM ANY CREDIBILITY. I would hope that MOA and the operators are inundated with the same broad statement of the core actions that each activist wants to see in place, they do not have to be the same as my demands, we just need need to demonstrate that as a movement we are too entrenched to take part in talks until they start meeting some of our basic demands.

Chris Maile

Planning Sanity (CfPS) Local Community Support for Adverse
Planning and Development Applications


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