Irish Green Party protests at less-lethal weapons conference

Irish Green Party protests at less-lethal weapons conference in Dublin


Jom Loughran, Weapons Desk
Amnesty Ireland

Dear Jim: As you are aware, since 1998 I have been petitioning you and and other officials in Amnesty Ireland to take on board the grave abuse of Human Rights and in particular the excruciating torture suffered by victims of non-lethal weaponry. When I read in today's THE IRISH TIMES (see entire article below) that a demonstration is taking place today and tomorrow in Dublin on this issue of non-lethal weapons I would have expected to see Amnesty Ireland among those protesting. The journalist of this article, Conor Lally, reports that The Green Party is there (some of whose members I have also petitioned for support against the abuses of non-lethal weapons), NGO Peace organisations are there, but sadly Amnesty is not mentioned. And yet, in your online statement
( http://www.amnesty.ie ) denouncing the use of weapons of torture your concluding sentence reads, "Amnesty International condemns absolutely the international sale of devices meant for use in torture techniques and calls for an immediate halt to all such

Isn't it time, now that conferences on non-lethal weapons have arrived in our very own backyard, that Amnesty Ireland sat up and paid notice to just how awful, how inhumane, a number of these weapons are.

I do not know if you are aware of online references to non-lethal weaponry. Just one of the many results when you enter "Government Mind Control" in Google search engine is


and it provides good insights into the following weapons:

Electromagnetic Weapons
Microwave Weapons
Non-Lethal Weapons
ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) Weapons
Directed Energy Weapons
Acoustic Weapons
Psychotronic Weapons
RF (Radio Frequency) Weapons
Soft Kill Weapons
Less-Than-Lethal Weapons

I know a number of victims of non-lethal weaponry and would be very happy to put you in touch with them if you would like to hear their accounts. I believe it is now impossible for you (and Amnesty generally) to continue ignoring the existence and torture these weapons cause.

Imelda O'Connor

From THE IRISH TIMES, Tuesday, Oct 19, 2004, page 6.
(Any errors in transcription are of course mine. Not having access to an online edition here I can't paste in.)


[by] Conor Lally

Peace protesters plan to hold a demonstration today outside the Berkeley Court Hotel in Ballsbridge, Dublin, where a conference on "less-lethal" weapons is being held.

The two-day conference is being organised by jane's information Group, the international "provider of intelligence and analysis on national and international defence, security and risk developments".

Mr Brendan Butler, co-ordinator of the NGO Peace Alliance, described today's event as a "showcase for tools of torture". He and fellow activists plan to protest outside the hotel today and tomorrow.

"The idea to call this weaponry 'less-lethal' flies in the face of evidence where it can be used as instruments of torture. It is an example of the human mind gone awry where arms manufacturers have now diversified into another profitable area of business, and where an Irish hotels group is willing to promote such an event."

Green Party chairman Mr. John Gormley TD said he was dismayed to learn that members of the Garda [Irish police] were set to appear as speakers at the conference. "It is regrettable that the Garda Siochana, which has such a fine record as a non-armed force, is increasingly inverting in equipment which will be used to suppress political dissent. There is no evidence that such equipment is required."

"Non-lethal" weaponry "simply means not designed to kill", Mr Gormley said. This would come as no consolation to citizens who wished to attend mass demonstrations, such as that organised in Dublin just before the US invaded Iraq, if gardai policing these carried "less-lethal" weapons.

Mr Gormley said members of the Green Party would protest outside the hotel today.

The Dublin Grassroots Network also plans to stage a protest.

Re: Irish Green Party protests at less-lethal weapons conference in Dublin


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