Could wireless affect air quality?

I believe I've noticed that in areas where cellular phone reception is good it seems to me that the air is less breathable, perhaps dirtier, & more likely to hold allergans, particularly mold than air where any cellular towers are several miles away.

I don't think this is just my imagination but I wondered if anyone else might have noticed this.

From what little I know about air quality, it's my understanding that clean fresh air holds a lot more negative ions that can combine with dirt, dust, and allergans such as mold spores so that these things that foul the air will drop to the ground & the air will remain clean.

I wonder if some of the artificially created electrical frequencies now in the air may react with & strip the air of it's negative ions so that the air loses it's ability to clean itself & becomes prematurely saturated with dirt, pollutants, & allergans.

I remember when I was a child that after a thunderstorm the air seemed clear, & fresh where now I can't really notice much difference in air quality after a storm.

I'd like to go one step further & suggest that if it's true that wireless frequencies can in fact influence the electrical charge of the air, it's also possible that it could also influence actual weather patterns.

I could be completely full of shit on all this but if it were true, it should be a very easy thing to verify by simply comparing suspended particulate measurements in areas where the air is saturated with wireless frequencies to areas where no cellular coverage yet existed.

If there was a definite difference in air quality figures, this in itself could go a long way in doing away with this horrible health hazard that's made so many of us feel like we were born on the wrong planet & have to look for artificial means to try & protect our health.



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