Bulldozer destroyed the Grounds for a Cellular Antenna

Dozens of Julis citizens destroyed with bulldozer the grounds for a cellular antenna

by Jacky Huri

Haaretz 6/10/2004

Dozens of residents from the eastern neighbourhood from the Druz village Julis in the western Galil destroyed the night before yesterday with bulldozer, the grounds for cellular antenna that was supposed to be erected, because of concern for their health and for the village's health.

Riad Hamza, former head of the local council, said that "in the village there's a full agreement that these antennas are danger for health. We heard about many places in Israel where there was a frightening increase in cancer rate because of the many antennas in their area. We want to anticipate trouble."

The head of the Julis council, lawyer Nadim Amar that was chosen several days ago, said that in the first meeting of the council he intends to take a decision that forbids cellular antennas in the village.

Also in the village Yanuh [where people were killed as a result of their fight to remove antennas] the people resist the antennas. On Monday, representatives from the village met with officials from the companies Pelephone and Partner and agreed to stop the antennas activity in Yanuh and remove all the antennas within 3 months. The two companies representatives claimed in the meeting that there is no danger from the antennas and that they are ready for every check because the radiation power from the antennas is very low. They agreed to distribute material on the subject.

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The environment ministry suddenly changed its mind and Dr. Stelian Galberg said that if within 1 week the radiation will not be lowered, the ministry will act with all the legal means to stop the antennas. (local newspaper Eyal Lerman Yediot Haifa 6.10.2004)

Meanwhile the parents went to demonstration on Sunday in front of that site, and plan to do a protest walk against the antennas. They say they don't care about the monitoring stations and the radiation level results-all they care is that the antennas will be inactivated, and "stop cooking our children" like one of the parents said.

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