The five most trustworthy Pro-Peace congressional candidates

We are excited to announce the following five candidates as the most trustworthy and reliable pro-peace candidates for House of Representatives, of those in competitive races.

Although they're all doing very well in the polls, they are facing well financed opponents and they need your help! The success of these five campaigns is critical, because the outcome of these races will be viewed by other congressional leaders as a barometer by which to measure public opposition to military involvement in Iraq. We need truth tellers in congress who believe in both human dignity and individual freedom, and these five candidates are the ones who are telling people the truth: : Barney Frank, Cynthia McKinney, Pete Defazio, Jeff Fisher, and Jan Schneider!

If they win, the rest of congress will take notice, and misguided lawmakers on both sides of the aisle will realize the public is fed up with the lies, fed up with the abuse of power, and fed up with the propaganda.

Their positions on Iraq can and will change the dynamic of the debate, and their success will send a message to other lawmakers that people who speak the truth and stand up for justice are rewarded by the public for doing so.

Here are some quick links where you can learn more about these candidates:

If you'd like to take additional action to help safeguard the civil rights of the young, please contact your lawmakers and tell them to abolish the selective service in its entirety, and in doing so mandate that all existing selective service records and files be erased and shredded so that young people do not live in fear of being exploited for a narrow and corrupt warmongering agenda.


Statements you may not have heard on TV:

>From George Soros, "All my experience has taught me that you can't introduce democracy by military means. It has to come from the people themselves."

>From Barbra Streisand, "We are constantly being fed half truths and lies of omission by the current administration. Every time they send a representative out to speak to the public, he is armed with the same set of message points and catch phrases creating an echo effect. After hearing the same message over and over again, the public begins to believe their words, whether they are true or not."

Official statement signed by 27 career chiefs of mission and retired four-star military leaders, under the banner of Diplomats and Military Commanders for Change: "We face profound challenges in the 21st Century: proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, unequal distribution of wealth and the fruits of globalization, terrorism, environmental degradation, population growth in the developing world, HIV/AIDS, ethnic and religious confrontations. Such problems can not be resolved by military force"

>From the Lone Star Iconoclast newspaper, of Crawford, Texas: "We were duped into following yet another privileged agenda.... no WMDs, no substantive link between Saddam and Osama, and no workable plan for the withdrawal of our troops. We are asked to go along on faith. But remember, blind patriotism can be a dangerous thing and spin will not bring back to life a dead soldier; certainly not a thousand of them..."

An excerpt of a powerful editorial we found on the web, explaining that military drafts are an age-based hate crime:

Informant: stopthewar_stopthedraft


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