Italian hunting season petition

100,000 signatures to say NO!

To the President of the Republic, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi
To Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi
To the Minister for Agricultural and Forestry Policies, Giovanni Alemanno

In support of LIPU's appeal, I hereby declare my opposition proposals to change Law 157/1992 concerning the protection of wildlife and the pursuit of hunting that, if approved, would so distort the present law that a large part of current protection would be obliterated.

The proposals currently being debated in Parliament provide for: an increase in species on the hunting list, including some that are under threat, the lengthening of the hunting season into the migration and breeding seasons, hunting in protected areas, the depenalisation of hunting offences and others besides.

I request, therefore, that all such proposals be refused and that greater protection of nature be promoted, especially at this time when the balance of nature, and the fate of its wildlife, is in such a precarious state.

We need lots of supporters

LIPU Campaign against the liberalisation of hunting

Law 157/92 "Protection of wildlife and the regulation of hunting" lays down basic principles for the protection of nature and wildlife in Italy. But at present this protection is at risk: numerous proposals have been put before Parliament aiming to modify Law 157 and, if approved, would put us back at least 30 years. Italy would no longer have a real law to protect wild creatures.

Here's what would happen if the proposals before Parliament were to be approved:

Wild animals would no longer be the common heritage of the State but would "belong to nobody", and as such would be at the mercy of anyone;

Hunting would be allowed in the Parks, where animals find refuge and where ordinary people, men, women and children can enjoy their natural surroundings;

Hunting would be open to Chaffinches, Sparrows, Bramblings, many species of geese, the splendid Hazel Grouse, gulls and other protected species;

The hunters would be able to pursue their activities in spring and summer, during the extremely delicate migration and breeding seasons;

It would once again be allowed to display wild creatures, alive, dead, or cut into pieces, in the open streets, in the piazzas, at country festivals;

Most offences linked to hunting, including more serious ones, would become depenalised and merely administrative infringements, with the result that poaching would become a semi-legal activity.

Do you need any more reasons to say NO?

Informant: Lotus


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