Six Cases of Cancer in the same Road

Thank you Andy and Sylvia,

I am most interested in your theory about DECT phones. When did they first appear?

There have been alot of cases of cancer near where I was yesterday, but these started long before I came to Kensworth. One lady had cancer of the breast and said it was a radio aerial causing it, but there is no aerial where she said it was, but there is one about 300 yards away and of course that was there long before 2001 when the Orange mast was erected.

The same lady told me that there had been about six other cases of cancer in the same road (in fact I had spoken to a lady previously whose husband had had cancer of the jaw - they live opposite the lady with breast cancer). There have also been animals effected nearby- three dogs 1. cancer of mouth. 1. area unknown. 1. small growths appearing on paws which owner has removed by the vet.

Change of subject. I am reading a very interesting book (loaned by Phil Watts, thank you Phil!) The Zapping of America, which gives detailed info re Pandora and the American Embassy etc. The symptom of raised white bloodcell count experienced there made me ask victims in Kensworth to get there white bloodcell count checked last year, but none of them have done it. I found out about two cases 100 metres from the mast last year - the doctors can find no reason for the symptom as there is no infection. How about everyone affected getting their white cell count checked? I thought if there is a high number of cases it may be evidence to use in appeals.

This is the sort of thing the Dept of Health should be looking at instead of spending £10,000,000 on more lab tests.

What does everyone think?

Best regards,

Gill Lyden



Andy Marino wrote this in 1995:

Elevated white blood cell count was also a feature of the Skrunda study. And once again, there is direct association between white cells and nitric oxide production.

This is not an exclusive feature to microwave masts, but EMF in general at low modulation frequencies, which includes power lines.

And yes, this kind of assessment needs to be made over time among people in mast-exposure environments, but it does require that the sources also be removed/switched off for a period as well. Can it really be more expensive to switch some masts off while assessing the "recovery period", than setting up expensive lab operations??




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