The Journey is the Destination - Shift the Paradigm from Conflict to UNITY

G8--Our Agenda - "Our World Working For All Of Us"

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This gathering could turn out to be the biggest ever, bigger than Woodstock or the Isle of White both in size and significance – an ocean of humanity expressing the cry from deep in the heart of our generation for a better way of running the anthill that is our global culture – each of us a drop in that ocean.

"Each and every drop entering the ocean immediately becomes the ocean"

Why are we demonstrating at the G8?

What is it really all about?

What do we realistically hope to achieve?

What is possible in the realpolitik?

Africa, global warming, third world debt, Iraq etc are only symptoms, a metaphor for what we are all dissatisfied about.

Africa and the other issues expose the lack of integrity that is driving and has driven global behavior for thousands of years both in the macro of global trade and in the micro of our individual relationships with each other.

When I look in the mirror, I can see all the garbage of this world operating within me also as I conduct my life in the daily scramble to survive another day on this spinning lump of rock.

How do I interact with my neighbors and friends? - Global peace begins right here with me and then spills out radiating throughout the global culture.

The beauty of these times is that there is no escape from this reality anymore. Extinction is the only way out. Either we face our issues individually and globally or our civilisation will cease to exist.

Live 8 @ the G8 is the heart of the people crying out for something different, a new way of operating. Each of us is a single blade of grass cracking the concrete. This has been building for a long time since the first wave in the sixties -- it now comes of age.

It is important that we operate in this situation with the consciousness of "the journey is the destination".

The issues that we are addressing are ignorance - fear, selfishness, and the resulting dishonesty. What is important is that we understand that this is an evolutionary moment; it is in innocence, that the human race is where it is.

Down from the trees, but not yet walking upright. We are monkeys barely out of the jungle squeezing this amazing civilisation out of the rocks.

We must move beyond finger pointing, blame, and demonisation. Move beyond "protesting against" to "demonstrating FOR"

Say Yes To Peace

We must leave the "Them and Us" paradigm back in the second millennium where it has already created too much havoc. The time has come for us to move together in partnership for:

"Our world working for all of us without exception"

In my opinion, this is what we are demonstrating about.

If we go to Edinburgh with hatred, negativity and blame in our hearts and minds, we will be part of the problem, not the solution.The result will be more of the same if not worse.

""You can take a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink"
BUT ………. You can sprinkle salt in its food.

We must truly "BE THE CHANGE that we want to see in the world" – BE IT NOW!

Each and every breath – Remember, honey is sweeter and more attractive than vinegar.

We are Dancing our Dream of a better world Awake into Reality.

Bring CHALK to Edinburgh – express yourselves for all to see. Bring extra CHALK to share with others:


Message in a bottle

Bring musical instruments, noisemakers lets create the biggest band ever http://www.infinitepossibility.org/magic/index.html


Social Acupuncture

"changing our world by changing our conversation"

Activism for the new millennium "when the conversation reaches critical mass, it transforms into ACTION".


See you all in Edinburgh

I am looking for a someone with a broadcast quality camera for a documentary project – e mail me privately if you are going to be at the G8 gathering and are interested in a possible collaboration.


"there is nothing wrong with our world, we are just having a weird conversation – Reclaim the Conversation – Our New World Order IS Love".




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