Dennis Kucinich allied with "Mr. Freedom Fries" (Conservative Republican Walter Jones) to sponsor a bipartisan resolution calling for an exit strategy from Iraq

June 25, 2005

What an amazing week we have witnessed. Vegan Congressman Dennis Kucinich allied with "Mr. Freedom Fries" (Conservative Republican Walter Jones) to sponsor a bipartisan resolution calling for an exit strategy from Iraq. A new “Out of Iraq” Congressional Caucus was formed with 61 founding members. Thanks to Rep. Conyers, the Downing Street Memo is now being discussed in the media.

And despite George Bush’s orchestrated appearances with Iraqi Prime Minister al-Jaafari, a solid majority of Americans are calling for a partial or full withdrawal of US troops and Bush’s approval rating continues to sink. The tide is indeed turning.

While CODEPINK was busy organizing in Washington DC, co-founder Jodie Evans has been networking on another front: She is an international observer at the World Tribunal on Iraq that opened this week in Istanbul, Turkey.

You haven't heard of it? As usual, the mainstream media is ignoring it. But it's an historic gathering of international witnesses, experts and jurors including former Assistant to the UN Secretary General Denis Halliday, award-winning author Arundhati Roy and Iraqi scholar Souad Naji Al-Azzawi. Co-coordinator Richard Falk, a UNESCO peace prize holder and professor of International Law, called the Tribunal an expression of " moral globalization ," with concerned citizens " acting on the belief that no state and no leader is above the law when it comes to matters of war and peace ."

We recommend you go to the Tribunal’s website to learn more,
read Jodie’s blog,
and contact your local media asking them to cover this historic event. The transcripts of each witness and participant are rich with information and truth, not only to keep you informed but also to re-inspire you to take a stand for peace.

The 4th of July is a week away. We encourage you to reclaim this holiday and use it to show your commitment to liberty and justice for all.

Now is the time to strengthen your voice and join us in the streets on July 4th and in Washington DC on September 24th.

We must continue to step out of our “comfort zones” and say NO to war, human rights abuses and empire-building, and YES to non-violence, respect for the rights of all, and commitment to the global community.

Let freedom ring...

Dana, Farida, Gael, Jodie, Medea, Nancy, Rae, and Tiffany


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