Public television should not be run like the Politburo - Bolton: Propose a list of acceptable candidates

Please note there are TWO fast action pages in this alert

(1) Yesterday 16 Senators demanded that Public Broadcasting Chairman Kenneth Tomlinson resign. Public television should not be run like the Politburo, and yet he has instigated biased witch hunts against the news department to try to purge any dissenting voices, conspired with hostile lobbyists against the public interest, and failed even to defend the agency from proposed funding cuts. Write your members of Congress with this one click form to demand the removal of Tomlinson, and to protect the of this, one of the last truly independent media sources.


(2) Now that the Senate has rejected Bolton for yet a second time, and with the White House still perversely pushing for their loose cannon, there is a tremendous leadership opportunity for our side. Here's an idea . . . why don't WE hold a PRESS CONFERENCE and propose a list of acceptable candidates of our own, and say to the American people in a positive way, "These are the kind of nominees we would put forward IF YOU ELECTED US". We must demand that the White House immediately put forward a better candidate for this critical position and to let go of their two-time destructive loser nominee. And if they don't have the leadership to do so, we show that our side does.


Please take action NOW on these issues and post and forward this message everywhere you can to everyone you know.


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