Fir goodness sake - we don't want mast

16 June 2005 | 09:57

Dunmow Broadcast and Recorder

IF THEY have got to have a new mobile phone mast, it could look like a fir tree!

Villagers on the edge of Dunmow are objecting fiercely to mobile operator Hutchinson G3's plan to put up a most on a field at Ash Grove just off the A120 to improve reception in an admitted poor coverage.

But if Uttlesford District Council approves the application, it could be disguised as one of these trees - like ones at Hallingbury and Hatfield Forest - instead of the normal eyesore lattice mast.

Sof ar people living near the site of the proposed mast have sent the council 138 letters objecting to the plan.

Uttlesford District Council received the letters from homeowners prior to the plans being considered by the council's development control committee last Wednesday.

A number of councillors were concerned about the plans, including Janice Loughlin who asked if it could be turned into a tree mast to suit the rural area it was situated in.

She said: "Seeing as it is among or near some trees, can we not specify that it is a tree mast?"

And Councillor Richard Harris questioned whether there was any need for the mast as the residents who were opposed to it would be the ones needing it the most.

He said: "Isn't it interesting that the people who are opposed to the mast are the very people who would want it."

But planning manager John Mitchell said the question of demand should not prevent the application being approved because it was not a planning consideration.

The councillors put off making an imemdiate decision.

Instead, they agreed to go and visit the site to see the situation for themselves.


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