Tales from an American Gulag

Part 1


You meet the strangest kind of people in jail. For instance, people who occasionally give in to a useless or self-destructive habit, or people who, wittingly or unwittingly, associate with questionable characters. It's not that these people are unusual. Probably every one of your neighbors would fit into one of these categories. What makes these people strange is that they sit in jail. I recently had an opportunity to sit in jail myself, for five and a half months, and learn their stories. ... 'From these men's stories, a common purpose of the government became clear. Every time a victim attempted to assert a right, the government would multiply the penalty'...


from Strike the Root, by Athony Hargis

Part 2


We may wonder why the government would use a half, or a full million dollars to put someone like Michael, or Danny, or Nguyen in jail. It is the usual religious racket armed with secular power. When a government or tyrant becomes oppressive, it is supposed to be some god's chastisement of the people for not being sufficiently obedient. Their remedy lies in enduring the oppression, paying additional sacrifices (taxes), and devoting themselves to a more rigorous slavery. All this must be done with visible, sincere gratitude and respect for god's instrument of chastisement: the oppressive government or tyrant -- one that reasonable men would openly detest, and describe not as a god, but as a demon in human form. If the submission or payment is done with any sign of resentment, it all counts for nothing. It must then be done again, and with a greater payment of taxes and submission...


from Strike the Root, by Anthony Hargis

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


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