Save our Oceans!

Yesterday I introduced S. 1224, the "National Oceans Preservation Act of 2005," critical legislation to improve the health and governance of our oceans.

The beauty and wonder of our oceans should be a cause for celebration -- something that our children and grandchildren should have a chance to enjoy and cherish.

Instead, our oceans are facing grave threats from over-fishing, invasive species, and pollution. In fact, two independent commissions have found oceans to be in a state of crisis. My legislation, co-sponsored by Senator Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey, meets these challenges head-on by adopting a comprehensive national approach to oceans management that will protect marine wildlife and habitat, strengthen fisheries, and reduce pollution.

But I need your help to protect our oceans. Please contact your Senators, urging them to co-sponsor S.1224, the "National Oceans Preservation Act of 2005!"

All Americans should be able to unite to protect our oceans and the communities and ecosystems they support. By reaching out to your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues, you can help us build the grassroots support we desperately need to get the job done -- for our children, grandchildren, and generations to come.

Please urge your Senators to co-sponsor this critical legislation now -- and then invite all of your friends, family neighbors and colleagues to join in our cause!

In Friendship,

Barbara Boxer


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