No Child Left Unrecruited

What You Can Do

First, Opt out.

Click here to download a form to remove your name, or your child's name, from the recruitment rolls.

Second, tell others.

Opting out requires you to take action. Make sure your friends and neighbors know their rights. Click here to tell a friend.

Is your child’s school sending his or her personal information to the US military for recruitment purposes? If you don’t know, then the answer is probably "yes."

A little noticed provision of the No Child Left Behind Act includes a requirement that any school system receiving federal funds under the act provide the US military with the name, address and phone number of all high school students unless the student or parent expressly opt out.

This invasive provision gives information to the military that is properly thought by most to be confidential. We offer our addresses and phone numbers to our children's schools so that we can be contacted with information important to their schooling. We expect to be contacted if our children are sick, or if there is a problem, or even to discuss a child's progress with a teacher. We do not provide that information to encourage military recruitment.

This is not an issue of opposition to the military. Any student has a right to expect that his or her school will treat private information with care. Requiring a school to release that information is wrong. Further requiring that one must "opt out" to avoid sharing this information, rather than requiring that people "opt in" or sign up to receive information from the military, turns our normal standard of privacy on its head.

As an advocacy group, we are very aware of issues of privacy. Before we send information to you, we ensure that you have requested information from us. Moreover, every e-mail we send includes directions on how to remove yourself from our lists if you no longer wish to receive information from us. Isn't it time that our military was at least as protective of your privacy?

Ron Zucker


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