Naila study introduced to physicians in Germany

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Here are the results of the 54th German Physician congress in Berlin.

The translation is done by a German, and could be better, but I hope people will understand the meaning

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Dr. med. Cornelia Waldmann Selsam
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One important step in the mobile radio discussion took place:

On 9 May 2005 the Naila study was introduced to the 54th German congress of physician in Berlin.

Five family doctors from Naila had stated in a retrospective pilot study that the portion of cases of cancer with the patients, arisen again, who had been living during the last ten years in a distance up to 400 meters around the mobile radio transmitter operated since 1993, opposite to removed living patients were significantly higher and the patients were gotten sick significantly earlier in age. For the years 1999 to 2004 - thus after five and more years period of operation of the transmitter - the Malignome risk for the subpopulation in the comparison with the group in the Naila's, nearer living to the sending station, had trebled itself external area.

Supplementing Dr. H. Eger reported on the congress of physician of similar oppressive observations in the year 2004 in Austria, Israel and England :

– Müllendorf (Austria) in the locality with 1200 inhabitants came it to a trebling of stepped cases of cancer after 5 years latency to installation of the 1st transmission mast (lecture Dr. W. Jandrisovits on the Bamberger mobile radio symposium January 2005).

– Netanya (Israel) in the study published in the Journal of Cancer Prevention April 2004 was examined the new occurrence of cancer illnesses in the proximity of a mobile radio transmitter in the comparison with an not radiated region. The authors R. and D. Wolf find already after one year running time in relation to the total population and the control's group quadruple increased cancer rates with women, whom repeats itself in the subsequent year.

– West Midlands (England) in the case of a collection, in which Dr. J. Walker was involved, shows up an unusual cancer amassment in the range of the highest radiation intensity around for 8 years a sending basis station. The investigation the cancer cluster in connection with the estimated and measured jet intensity was accomplished already several times by Dr. Walker with the same result.

Dr. P. M. Wiedemann (Jülich) presented a new risk analysis. Scientists would have evaluated studies from the years 2000 to 2004 and would have found no vouchers for health damage. Wiedemann had to grant in the discussion however that in Germany except in Naila no investigations at mobile radio locations were accomplished. Thus the scientific basis is missing to the risk analysis. Although since 10 years gotten sick humans of many locations despairs itself to the Federal Office for radiation protection, to which radiation protection commission and to the Federal Ministry for environment, nature protection and reactor safety turned, the crucial questions were scientifically not examined: How are humans, who live or work in the proximity of mobile radio plants, health? How does the presence of a DECT telephone affect inhabitants and neighbours?

It was omitted by the scientists going to the many gotten sick ones and accomplishing studies. Therefore they do not have to make a scientific authentication an evaluation of the health risk.

The results of medical examinations, which were accomplished for lack of official studies by some physicians, are shaking:

– For years many humans get sick partly heavily by pulsed high frequency electromagnetic fields.

– The treating physicians often did not recognize the cause of the illness, since according to valid doctrine an effect is not considered possible the health.

– If the concerning themselves assumed a connection with the high frequency (for temporal and spatial reasons) became it often ridiculously made, Psychotherapeuten skillfully and their fate merciless left.

The group of researchers of Prof. Dr. R. Tauber, Berlin, which had cooperated in the renowned reflex study, presented the effects of EMF underneath the valid limit values on the hereditary substance and on protein concentrations. Even if from these laboratory findings directly health damage it cannot be judged these results from medical view are so disturbing that immediate action need exists.

A scientist researches.

A physician must prevent and heal.

Prophylaxis and healing is only possible by completion the high frequency exposition.

Bamberg, 15 May 2005
Dr. med. Cornelia Waldmann Selsam
Physician Initiative Bamberger Appeal

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