The Impeachment Train is Leaving the Station

Well, it's really starting to happen, folks. As of this afternoon, Rep. John Conyers has gotten 289,000 signatures from Americans who want President Bush to answer the questions Conyers has posed about the Downing Street Minutes. He also has 95 fellow House members signed on as well -- including 5 Republicans (and one of them, believe it or not, is the NC Rep who came up with "Freedom Fries").

Keep in mind that two weeks ago when Conyers first put out a call for signatures, his goal was 100,000. But this momentum is just getting started. MoveOn.org has now jumped on the bandwagon and aims to get 300,000 of its members to sign on. And an industrious Kossak over at DailyKos [the blog at //www.dailykos.com] set out on a campaign to get a whole slew of unions and associations to put the letter out to their members, hoping to reach 10 million people with an appeal to join the DSM Truth Movement. She already has the interest of AARP, which has 35 million members. //www.dailykos.com/story/2005/6/9/64057/69535

So there could easily by half a million signatures by June 16, when Conyers will hold hearings and introduce new documents corroborating the allegations in the Downing Street Minutes. Then, after the hearings, Conyers, his 95 House co-signers, the witnesses and a citizen's rally convening at Lafayette Park are all going to walk the letter over to the White House and dare Bush not to receive it. That's going to look great in the history books.

House Judiciary Democrats to hold hearings on Downing Street minutes //snipurl.com/fh95

And thanks to a British journalist with the nads to ask Bush and Blair about the minutes at their recent joint presser, the MSM is finally (if grudgingly) covering the DSM. Though Wapo's Dan Froomkin notes that the Downing Street Minutes may be the LEAST of Bush's worries.

The Memo Comes In From the Cold

And I say again folks, you don't want to be on the wrong side of history. Read and sign the Conyers Letter if you haven't already.


Sign Rep. John Conyers's demand for a resolution of inquiry about the Downing Street Memo: //www.johnconyers.com/

Note – this afternoon Rep. Conyers said he had about 300,000 signatures. About 5 hours later, he had another 8,000.


Six leaked documents from Downing Street: Hurry! Copy and save to your hard drive





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