Call Congress Today to Stop the Patriot Act's Expansion

Thousands of people across America will be calling Congress this week to speak out against the expansion of the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act imposes restrictions on freedom that no democracy should ever tolerate. We need you to speak out as a concerned citizen to stop the government from stripping away your rights.

Even if you've taken action on the Patriot Act before, your call this week will make a difference. Please call your Members of Congress today and oppose the Patriot Act's expansion.

You can look up your Representative's and Senators' direct numbers by clicking here //action.aclu.org/site/PageServer?pagename=AS_CongressLookup
or you can call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121.

Some possible talking points:

People across the country have made clear their opposition to the Patriot Act. Hundreds of communities -- and seven states -- have passed resolutions against the Patriot Act and held town hall meetings to discuss its impact on their residents and our Constitution. Congress has a duty to listen to its constituents.

There are significant flaws in the Patriot Act, flaws that threaten your fundamental freedoms by giving the government the power to access to your medical records, tax records, information about the books you buy or borrow, all without probable cause. It also gives the government the power to obtain a special “sneak and peek” search warrant to break into your home and conduct secret searches without telling you for weeks, months or indefinitely. The Patriot Act needs to be reformed, not expanded.

Some of the extreme provisions in the Patriot Act are attacks on fundamental American values. The Constitution and its Bill of Rights emphasize the need for checks and balances on government agents and limits to their power. The Patriot Act rolled back key judicial oversight and gave law enforcement significant new powers that go beyond the war on terrorism.

Visit //action.aclu.org/patriotactcalls and tell us how your calls went.

Why call Congress today?

We're launching a nation-wide effort to ensure Congress hears the widespread opposition to the Patriot Act. Civil libertarians, conservatives, free speech advocates and others from across the political spectrum are urging Congress to reform the Patriot Act, not expand it. Add your voice to this chorus of people calling for proper checks and balances on government power.

In the coming weeks, we have the opportunity to prevent the expansion of government secret surveillance. Together we're working to ensure that some of the most infamous provisions of the Patriot Act -- including one that expands secret surveillance -- expire at the end of this year or are reformed.

Last week thousands of people wrote to their members of Congress. Please help ensure that your members of Congress do not support expansion of the Patriot Act. Call them today and defend your rights:

You can look up your Representative's and Senators' direct numbers by clicking here
or you can call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121.


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