Virtual Reality TV 55 Degrees North

Here is my small contribution


Congratulations to the writer and producer of episode three of this terrific series for making thousands of people happy, as well as providing good entertainment.

How did you achieve this? You introduced the reality of a serious problem for ordinary folk up and down the UK.

By depicting the true responses of ordinary people towards phone masts, and how concerned people are when these masts are placed near homes (or on them!), or near schools, hospitals and other sensitive sites, and in clusters, you have truly served the communities of the UK. Our gratitude and thanks go out to all involved.

I am the Advice Line Co-ordinator for Mast Sanity and speak to people across the UK. I also receive emails as TETRA Coord, and SW England Coord.

Mast Sanity is a voluntary organization with charity status that offers free advice and support to anyone with mast queries or problems.

Phone masts are a serious issue for so many communities who are worried about health issues, and these people are also concerned about Government interference in the planning process.

Last night I put out the news of your program and I am already receiving responses of delight. I know I was dizzy with happiness just to see reality on the Beeb with no government officials or mobile phone companies talking over it to say masts are safe!

Some people were really disappointed to have missed the program, so can you please show it again soon, just for them? Or can mast Sanity have a copy to show our thousands of campaigners? Maybe you could provide a link through your website!

Keep up the good work, give us more of this, we love it. How about a story line in Eastenders?

Yours sincerely,
Sandi Lawrence

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Just a quick mention about last nights episode in case nobody saw it.

Following on from last weeks episode which gave great prominence to the anti mast campaign, last nights episode also raised the issue. In the first 5 minutes the 2 main character were looking to buy a house. They were looking into the area and said "make sure there are no mobile phone masts nearby". They then were looking into nearby schools and again, "check there are no mobile phone masts nearby". All good publicity for the cause. The script writers or producers must be fellow campaigners!

55 Degrees North, 7.20 BBC1 Last Night (Sunday 12th)


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